New Mexicoball is a US stateball in the South West part of USAball.

New Mexico is a diverse state. much of the state is very Hispanic with Spanish influences and Native American. the further east and southeast you go, the more Texan it gets. of course it is Texasball rightful clay and it would be nice if eastern NM can go back to Texasball. He can into UFO sightings.


He was part of the clay Spainball used to make Mexicoball. After USAball Manifest Destinied the crap out of Mexicoball he and his brothers Texasball and Californiaball were adopted by USAball. After the American Civil War some of his clay was used to make his more anglicized brother Arizonaball whom he along ,with Coloradoball are best friends with. He is a state filled with a lot of Desert, Chilé, and Hispanics. He is known for his bad meth addiction and crime problem mainly due to his crappy police. Even after the whole kill the Natives thing a decent amount of 3ball are still around. He is also home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, creator of the two bombs that wiped out Hiroshimaball and blown away Nagasakiball during World War II. In 1947 he was visited by 6balls weather balloons.

Recently New Mexicoball tends to be in the news more often because of mainly the idiots down in Albuquerque also the state tends to be worse in a lot of topics thus its quality of life is lower than his neighbors. He also likes Scouts, as he has a whole mountain range to explore for them at Philmont.



  • ISIS-icon ISISball - TERRORIST! He is so scary. Let's hope Hillary tries to kill him.
  • Syria-icon (division) Aleppoball - Who are you? I don't know you, why are you even relevant to me?


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