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Wilhelmus van nassowe ben ik van doitsen bloed...
“Smoke WEED Everyday.”
―Nate Dogg
Netherlandsball, aka. Dutchball, is a Western European countryball. His clay is bordered by Germany's and Belgium's. He can into look like Pepsi logo. Drugs are heavily legal including COCAINE AND METH AND DRUGS AND SHITPIPES with people being allowed to buy up to five grams of Marijuana in coffee shops. People are even able to grow up to five plants of it in the privacy of their own home. Netherlands also legalises abortion, prostitution and euthanasia. Netherlands should not be confused with Holland (because that is the province). Also the first nation to legalize homo marriage...probs of half homo himself but is too stoned to pay attention to own mental stability and (declining) happiness. He can into baseball and finished third at the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

History Edit

Netherlandsball is the adopted son of Spain-icon Spainball, and he was born in the 1500s. He was taken away by his half brother Austriaball but got his independence in 1648 after fighting a war with him, helped by his aunt France-icon Franceball, and changed his name from the long Austrian Netherlandsball to Dutch Republicball.

Around this time, he developed interests such as navigation, trade, and colonising, as seen by his sons Dutch East Indiesball (now known as Indonesiaball) and Surinameball. His clay was occupied by France-icon Franceball, in 1795/6, and when she left in 1814, he changed his name to United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball, still unaware of his sons with France-icon Franceball, Belgiumball, and Luxembourgball, later delivered and raised by UK-icon UKball.

In the Great War, Netherlandsball chose to remain neutral as his neighbours Reichtangle and UK-icon UKball fought over his estranged son Belgiumball's clay, but was beaten by Nazi-iconNazi Germanyball in 1940, and his clay was anschlussed for four years, along with all the Jewcubes he had sheltered from Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball.

After his distant cousin Canada-icon Canadaball liberated him, he reluctantly gave his sons Indonesiaball independence in 1948, and Surinameball in 1975. He joined the EU, his cousin in 1957 as a founding member, and now spends his days smoking weed with his smoking buddies Jamaica-iconJamaicaball and Uruguay-icon Uruguayball, and building dams. He is also a founding member of NATOball in 1949.


Netherlandsball is usually stoned. Most of the time he can be found smoking weed with Jamaica-icon Jamaicaball and Uruguay-iconUruguayball. In the tiny bit of time that he's not high, he's friendly to most countries. He actually has a lot of money for a stoner, and is a very good swimmer since most of the time his clay is underwater.

The best friend of Netherlands is Canadaball. Canadaball freed Netherlandsball in the Second World War.

He is very good at building dams to protect his clay from flooding.1 Day he doesn't smoke sunday, then he has to build dams!!!


  • Belgium-icon Belgiumball and Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball - Part of Benelux.
  • France-icon Franceball - Former lover. My favourite holiday destination. Has worse cheese than mine.
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - My unappreciative and very rebellious son. He never let me smoke in his house. He always says to me that he hates seeing me smoking marijuana and that this is ruining my health and my memory ... of what I was even saying ... ah I was talking about my son!!!! Gib satay and student!
  • Suriname-icon Surinameball - He's a good lad. My favourite son!
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball - Son who speaks weird Dutch.
  • Netherlands Antillesball - Son that lives in the Carribeen.
  • Sealand-icon Sealandball - Yuo will never be recognized, you irrelevant little shit country.
  • Spain-icon Spainball - Defeated me in 2010 FIFA World Cup, got my beautifull revenge in 2014 FIFA World Cup by 5-1!
  • Jamaica-icon Jamaicaball - Smoking buddy.
  • Uruguay-icon Uruguayball - Another smoking buddy.
  • Austria-icon Austriaball - Estranged half-brother. Less said the better. (Stupid aryan trying to anschluss me...)
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Pretty nice guy. Let me hang out at his place for a while when Naziball kicked me out. He managed to "talk" him back into letting me go home. I send flowers every year to thank him.
  • EUball - The main reason that made me from the irrelevant farmer country that I once was to the country I am today.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Kinda weird relation: When it isn't anschluss time, he is one of my best friends. But when it is, he is one of my biggest fears.
  • UK-icon UKball - Used to be my worst enemy, now he is fine.
  • EU-icon EUball - I'm sorry! Kebab is making me leave yuo! Remove kebab!
  • USA-icon USAball - I'm friends with a few of his children. Colorado-icon Washington-icon Oregon-icon Alaska-icon California-icon Nevada-icon Massachussets-icon Maine-icon

Enemies Edit

  • Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball- Former Enemy who anchlussed me.1940 worst day of my life.
  • German Empire-icon German Empireball- Almost taking all of me in world war 1 you deserved to die you stupid weed taker!


  • North Hollandball - He's alright and the main reason why I am always stoned. He also produces cheese.
  • South Hollandball - He's different then North Hollandball and has the biggest harbour of Europe, the parliament and the government.
  • Drenthe-icon Drentheball - A lot of dolmens. A lot of people don't even know people live here.
  • Flevoland-icon Flevolandball - All of his clay is under the water.
  • Friesland-icon Frieslandball - Farmer, cows, speaks Frisian. Also, a lot of skaters and Elfstedentocht.
  • Gelderland-icon Gelderlandball - His name sounds like money in Dutch. He has a lot of woods, motorcrosses, bike lanes and farmers.
  • Groningen-icon Groningenball - More farmers and cows and has a lot of gas. Suffers earthquakes because of gas. Don't say he is a Frisian. He also has some communists.
  • Limburg-icon Limburgball - Has the only mountain in the country. Home of André Rieu and the roughest roller coaster manufacturer ever. He is almost Belgian.
  • North Brabantball - Home of forests, pubs and villages, celebrates a lot of carnival. He is like Limburgball almost Belgian.
  • Overijssel-icon Overijsselball - Farmers, Hansa cities and streams.
  • Utrecht-icon Utrechtball - Smallest province by area. Still, 1.268.489 inhabitants, and the busiest train stations possible.
  • Zeeland-icon Zeelandball - Meneer Bolus. The sea nearly killed him in 1953 and will drown as first. Tries to convince oll of mij people to come and visit him. In the winter.


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