Neptuneball is the 8th planet in the solar system. It's the main target of Voyager probe.

It is of 24,622 km in radius and of 7,619 billions km² in surface area. He lives far away from Solball. It has a storm like Jupiter's red eye but it is much smaller and only a slightly lighter blue.

Spongebob lives there...

Triton, which neptune kipnapped (Because he was jealous about uranus' moons) will collide with neptune because triton goes to the wrong direction, it will maybe just collide with neptune, or the planet will be a fancy ring for neptune


Neptuneball currently has 14 known moons, and possibly more:

  1. Naiadball
  2. Thalassaball
  3. Despinaball
  4. Galateaball
  5. Larissaball
  6. S/2004 N 1ball (Not officially named)
  7. Proteusball
  8. Tritonball
  9. Nereidball
  10. Halimedeball
  11. Saoball
  12. Laomedeiaball
  13. Psamatheball
  14. Nesoball

How to draw

Draw Neptuneball is simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue.
  2. Draw a few white horizontal skinny clouds and a slightly lighter blue circle which is the storm
  3. Maybe add bands of slightly darker blue.
  4. Add the eyes and you've finished.


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