This kukri is the last thing you'll ever see!
Nepal-icon NepalRawr

NepalRawr after watching jackfilms

NepalRawr (officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of NepalRawr or Nepalosaurus) is a species of dinosaur which lived in the Gurkhassic era non-ball country landlocked between India-icon Indiaball and China-icon Chinaball within the Himalayas. He is notable for containing many of the world's highest mountain, including Mount Everest . It has a monster shape because its unique triangular flag is a freak amongst regular flags.

He is related to Sikkim-icon Sikkimball, Kashmir-icon Kashmirball, Arundal Pradeshball, Tibet-icon Tibetball, and Bhutan-icon Bhutanball. He is often depicted as a dragon or dinosaur, because he is of rawr and of asian.


NepalRawr's birth date is unknown, since no written records exist of that, but he is generally believed to have been born in 1768, and is believed to have descended from the Indian princely state Rawrs, because of their similar shapes. A small part of his clay was seceded to UK-icon UKball in 1816 after the Anglo-Nepalese War. It has remained neutral in clay disputes between his neighbours of India-icon Indiaball and China-icon Chinaball. He is famous for having the highest mountains on his clay, something which Tuvalu-icon Tuvaluball and Maldives-icon Maldivesball envy. He is also famous and respected for producing very fierce Gurkha warriors that have fought for UK-icon UKball against Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball and Taliban-icon Talibanball, amongst others.

In 1996, the Communist Party of Nepal started a violent bid to replace the royal parliamentary system with a people's republic. This led to the long Nepali Civil War and more than 12,000 deaths.

On 1 June 2001, there was a massacre in the royal palaceKing BirendraQueen Aishwarya and seven other members of the royal family were killed. The alleged perpetrator was Crown Prince Dipendra, who allegedly committed suicide (he died three days later) shortly thereafter. This outburst was alleged to have been Dipendra's response to his parents' refusal to accept his choice of wife. Nevertheless, there is speculation and doubts among Nepali citizens about who was responsible.

Following the carnage, King Birendra's brother Gyanendra inherited the throne. On 1 February 2005, King Gyanendra dismissed the entire government and assumed full executive powers to quash the violent Maoist movement, but this initiative was unsuccessful because a stalemate had developed in which the Maoists were firmly entrenched in large expanses of countryside but could not yet dislodge the military from numerous towns and the largest cities. In September 2005, the Maoists declared a three-month unilateral ceasefire to negotiate.

He evolved into republic when the monarchy was abolished in 2008 after a civil war against Monarchists, Republicans and Communists.

In 2015, NepalRawr was left unconscious and injured for several days after being struck by a strong earthquake which shook not only his clay, but also India-icon Indiaball's. USA-icon USAball, China-icon Chinaball and especially India-icon Indiaball and many other countryballs came to their help. Though India-icon Indiaball is bloody opportunist and instead of helping people, they were just taking pictures. At present India-icon Indiaball has imposed blockade on NepalRawr.


NepalRawr, can be very fierce and very gentlemanlike, and his 'speech' can often be translated to perfect English that often follows the speech patterns of other (former) Anglospheric countryballs, usually UK-icon UKball, India-icon Indiaball, and Singapore-icon Tringapore. Since he is so similar to India-icon Indiaball, Nepalrawr has suspicions that India-icon Indiaball has plans to Anschluss. Maybe one day India and China will split him up like a tasty take. BUT GURKHA WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!

Flag Colors

Crimson 220, 20, 60 C0-M91-Y73-K14 #DC143C
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Dark Powder Blue 0, 56, 147 C100-M62-Y0-K42 #003893



  • UK-icon UKball - Scared Of Nepal as the only clay not totally claimed.
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - My Everest friend ,we both became the first ones to climb the tallest mountain in the world.
  • UN-icon UNball - Thanks for giving aid during the earrrrrthqauke.
  • Ohio-icon OhioRawr and Tampa-icon TampaRawr - Best US state and city ever! Is of also best friends cause we both can into RAWR!


  • India-icon Indiaball - I kinda hate him but we are too similar to be enemies. Lots of Gurkha in his army.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Largest trade partner and very helpful to us since India blockade us and further before. But stop raising debt plox.


  • Bhutan-icon Bhutanball - 1990s NEVER FORGET!!! But still Himalayan buddies. But, I'M STILL A MONSTER OF HIMALAYAS!!!
  • Taliban-icon Talibanball - Terrified of Gurkha because my soldiers removed him in his own mountains. Don't mess with Gurkha!
  • Gypsy-icon Gypsyball - Such disgrace. Why do i even related to that abomination???
  • ReichRawr-icon ReichRawr - Bork and flag stealer! RAWR!
  • JapanRawr-icon JapanRawr - Rawr! why does everyone wants to steal my Bork!

How to draw

Drawing NepalRawr is an extreme pain and is virtually impossible to get anywhere near if hand-drawn (which all countryballs are), for a rough guide:

  1. Draw a rectangle
  2. Rub out two triangle shapes from it (the result should be a 5 sided shape that does not self-intersect)
  3. Draw two white figures (one on each "triangle part", the top figure is shaped like a rising sun Not that kind of rising sun and the bottom figure is shaped like a sun with rays pointing out)
  4. Draw an outline of the 5 sided original shape
  5. Colour the 5-sided inner shape red, white and the five sided outer shape blue
  6. Draw teeth on the part that's shaped like this "<"
  7. Draw the eyes (and optionally the eyebrows) and you've finished.