Nauruball is a tiny islandball in the Pacific Ocean. He was born as a 7-icon 7ball and was adopted by German Empire-icon German Empireball and UK-icon UKball.


After gaining independence in 1968, Nauruball struck it rich, as he had a lot of phosphate in stock. As such, Nauruball was the richest ball in the world until around the late eighties to mid nineties, when the phosphate supply ran out. In 1989, Nauruball took Australiaball and New Zealandball to court for what they had done to his island, which had turned into a barren shithole. Nauruball lost nearly all of its money and now is one of the poorest countries in Oceania. As well as this, Nauruball is also one of the fattest countries, since he can't grow any food due to the phosphate so he has to import all the sugary stuff. Nauruball cannot into FIFA.