Nationalist Hungaryball is a cancer political alignment of Hungaryball. He's recognizable from one thing: Hating. He can into hating for really minor things if he doesn't like you.

History, overview

The (ultra)nationalism was born in Hungary after the Trianon Treaty. The irredentism spreaded immediately in the country. Then - in the time of PR Hungaryball the nationalism was ridden and decreased, but after the regime change, it shown again. Important: it's just a loud minority in Hungary, so if he blames you for something, denies your thoughts or curses you - don't listen to him, he's just angry for... something. He don't knows why, but he is angry. And if he's angry, he has no mercy in comment battles.

He is also Turanist: he believes that Hungary is also a Kebab, and calls the Uralist Hungarians as traitors. Many Hungarians hate him for bringing shame to his country.

How to draw

The Flag of the Árpád-Stripes (symbol of the ultranationalists in Hungary) is simple.

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw 4 red and 4 white stripes.
  3. Draw two eyes.