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South Italyball or Napolitaniaball is a seperatist countryball that represents South Italy. Specifically the regions covered by the old Kingdom of Naples, plus the cities of Benevento and Pontecorvo.


South Italy is a mostly abused country which tries in every possible way to not lose his reason.


South Italy's relations are quite problematic.

South Italy's main enemies are:

- Italy, his abusive stepfather who forces him to work for him for absurd wages, while forcing South Italy to buy his products. He's also his boss, for now.

- Naples, South Italy's most troubled son. He's a criminal and a boor, he likes to act like a thug while pretending to speak for all South Italians.. thus giving them a bad image.

- Immigrants, who harass South Italy with beatings, thievery, etc. Pretty much the foreign equivalent of Naples.

South Italy's favourite son is Molise, who's convinced to not exist. South Italy may be the only country to recognize Molise's existance.

Ancestors of South Italy are Samnium, Magna Graecia, the Roman Empire and Langobardia Minor.

He used the alter ego of "Kingdom of Naples" during the Lower Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the early modern era.


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