“Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient.”
Donald Trump-icon Donald Trump

Nambiaball Namibiaball is a countryball in Africa. He's one of Germanyball's lost sons, along with Tanzaniaball.


Namibiaball's history is lost in time. He was a native and a nomadic hunter/gatherer.

Portugalball discovered him in 1485. In the 19th century Boerballs arrived from the south and started arguing with Khoisanballs.

German Empireball and UKball decided to adopt him. After some wars, Namibiaball was splitted into a British part and a German part. In WWI UKball asked Union of South Africaball to "liberate" Namibiaball from German Empireball. Union of South Africaball thought the "liberation" was forever.

Namibiaball eventually had enough of apartheid and become independent in 1990 after some wars.


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