In a world falling apart, NATO stands united.
NATO-icon NATO in World In Conflict Combat Trailer

NATO-icon NATOball is a military allianceball in North America and Western Europe. NATOball was built after the Second World War by USA-icon USAball and the countryballs of Western Europe in order to defend 'Murican-style freedom from the Soviet-icon commies. Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and his satellite countryballs in Eastern Europe later formed the Warsaw Pact-icon Warsaw Pactball.

Since the death of Soviet-icon Sovietball, NATOball lost his reason of existence and USA-icon USAball now reprogrammed him to bring freedom to the Islam-icon Arabballs, defense Estonia-icon Latvia-icon Lithuania-icon Balticballs (Balticballs), North America, and more! Although its means of doing so are questionable. He has recently added Montenegroball.



North America

  • USA-icon USAball - PLSDONTLEAVE best member. Founder and liberator of Western Europe. Has many great tanks, soldiers, jets, bombers, ships, and nukes spread out.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Maple syrup. Meet my NATO requirements! Also closest to be invaded by Russian Federationball.


  • UK-icon UKball - Coffee Tea and power. But Master UK suck, Master UK couldn't defeat MASTER ICELANDBALL!!! Provider of Warrior IFV, SAS, Royal Navy, and Challenger MBTs!
  • France-icon Franceball -Nice Char Leclerc. Great aircraft carrier Charle de Gaulle. Brave soldiers
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Guns and tanks. Friendship is Magic! Leopard 2 MBT best tank in the world!
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball - Peaceful bystander... Master Iceland have an excellent Coast Guard though!!! Great job defeating Tea!!! Terrorists!!!
  • Italy-icon Italyball - De chef. Provider of A129 Mangusta gunships.
  • Belgium-icon Belgiumball - He built me! HQ in Brusselsball.The Creator also have many fighter jets.
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - Weed, anyways... thanks for arresting Somalian pirate's
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - Hue hue hue hue...
  • Spain-icon Spainball - Also important, but curretly I don't have any mission from Master Spain. But do not dare take Gibraltarball or Master UK will give me orders to kick you out.
  • Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball - Master Luxembourg is rich and has no taxes
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Master Greece is poor but good error: error Master Greece is puppet Master Greece is good person
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Master Turkey is is the centre of so many disastrous events. Still he helps me Will soon kicks him out
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - Great men
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - Not part of the EU!!! Master Norway is good for that, and still part of NATO! I like the Norweigan Ranger and the Fridsof Nansen missile frigates!

Post-Communist Europe

They joined the side of FREEDOM after that Soviet-icon damn pinko-commie kicked the bucket. They joined because of a Russia-icon certain neighbor...

  • Poland-icon Polandball - Master Poland has one of the best Special Forces groups in the world, only surpassed by British SAS and the American Navy SEALs. Other members laughs when I call him "Master Poland".
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball - Master Estonia big and strong.
  • Latvia-icon Latviaball - Has lots of potatoes but Ireland has more .
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - Basketball, STRONG.
  • Czech-icon Czechball - My food and drink maker BEER AND DUPLINGS STRONG!
  • Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball - Master Slovakia long and strong!
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - The best zone for airattacking Russia
  • Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball - Small bystander at Central Europe
  • Albania-icon Albaniaball - Flag Strong and big!
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball - Strong dragon!
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball - Where is Romaniaball?
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - Hungary strong, and he's not Austria!
  • Montenegro-icon Montenegroball - My newest Master. Sorry for the orders for bombing you in 90s.



Major non-NATO allies

  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Despite not in the Atlantic, we helped her during the Korean War to fight her commie brother and dim sum.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - We are watching China closely!
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Son of Master USA. Don't worry, China is under our watchful eye, but stop extrajudically killing people!
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - We will fight those kebabs that threaten your homeland.
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - Recently suffered a multiple personality disorder. Must keep a close watch.
  • Jordan-icon Jordanball - Why is he on here?!
  • Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball - We saved him from Iraq back in 1991.
  • Bahrain-icon Bahrainball - He lets us put our boats in him.
  • Tunisia-icon Tunisiaball - I can into Tunis Empire, glorious pro-west north african country!
  • Afghan-icon Afghanistanball - I hope you don't turn against us.
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - Strongest in S. America! He's really BIG! But do not dare take Falklandsball and South Georgia and the South Sandwich
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball - Great Ally in South Asia. He may be a habour terrorist but also has nukes! Also, do not attack India or else...
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball - Just a guy in southeast Asia, everyone gives him tourist money. But he is leaning closer to China...
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - If NATO included the Pacific, they would be a member!
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - They too would have been a member if NATO included the Pacific!
  • Morocco-icon Moroccoball - Non-NATO mayor ally of me, I'm watching algeria for you! First country to recognize Uncle Sam.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Military friend of Master USAball, and wants to remove commies from China.
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball - Major Arab Ally that supplies oil and we both hate Iranball
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - We are getting better relations.Sry for 1990 and 1999


  • Arab League-icon Arab Leagueball - He's Master US's oil buddy and a mob of terrorists! He's a little fishy, others Masters giives me order to watching you.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Not very "annoying commie" anymore, but I'm still have orders to watching you, so don't become a nuclear slave to Pigdog's army.
  • Algeria-icon Algeriaball - Please just pick a side. Me or those damn commies?


  • Warsaw Pact-icon Warsaw Pactball and Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - We kicked their commie asses through diplomacy and FREEDOM, Pinkos not are not allowed to stand on Earth! Remove Commie Club!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - We fought them during the Korean War. Always threatening every country with nukes. I hope you won't do anything stupid because we are watching you!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball and CIS-icon CISball - Damn closet commies.But Master USAball is starting to have good relations with Russiaball so...
  • CSTOball: Commie alliance. Remove!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - HELL YEAH! More AC-130 target practice!, more airstrikes! Suck my ass you little prick. LEAVE MY MEMBERS ALONE!
  • Iran-icon Iranball- I'm watching your nuclear program.
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - Remove communism, relations have gotten better but still.
  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - Commies! You gut oil, you need liberation!
  • Syria-icon Syriaball - Remove Assad!! But save you from ISIS and Rebels. FSA Terrorists is true Syria
  • South Sudan-icon South Sudanball,Zimbabwe-icon Zimbabweball, Myanmar-icon Myanmarball, and Belarus-icon Belarusball - Anti NATO governments, Remove!
  • Sudan-icon Sudanball - Genocidal Kebab, he accuses me of trying to split him into five separate states
  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - Oh Please! WE CAN TAKE YOU DOWN IN 1 SECOND!
  • Gaddafi Libya-icon Gaddafiball - Bye Bye Gaddafi
  • Bolivia-iconNicaragua-iconBurundi-icon Burger Haters - Targets Acquired Please just shut up, we will remove you if you continue to remain uncooperative


Belgium-icon Belgiumball, Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball, Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball, France-icon Franceball, and UK-icon UKball signed the North Atlantic Treaty, creating him.


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