— Mormonball

Mormonball is a religionball. Mormonball started when a guy called Joseph Smith was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ, and they told him no church was true and that he would have the true church soon. An Angel called Moroni, Angel Moroni told Joseph that the native Americans were actually Jews and that he can find golden plates with their history. When Joseph found the plates, he translated them by reading them out loud while a friend writes what he was saying.

Mormonball Calls his Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day saints". He believes all other Christians are wrong because they have been corrupted by men.

He can usually be seen wearing a suit and tie and riding a bicycle, stopping at people's doors to try to convert them to his religion. Is friends with Jehovahball, but they sometimes get into arguments over who's working which side of the street.

Mostly resides in Utah-icon Utahball, but sends missionaries elsewhere.


  • Baptism of the Dead - Mormonball believes he can convert you from beyond the grave, all he has to do is baptize himself in your name, and poof! You can now enter heaven.
  • Temple Binding- Mormonball believes that when you get married, you will earn a spot in the cosmos to rule as a god in your own planet.


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