Some serbian shit you got yourself intp

Montenegroball is the smallest Slavs-icon Slavic countryball and he lives in Southeastern Europe. He has had a bad relationship with his neighbors, mostly his brother Serbia-icon Serbiaball (extraordinary kebab remover) who claims that Montenegro is a rightful part of him and demands "his" coast back. He also thinks Montenegro-icon Montenegro is of Kebab. But now both are best friends.

Often it is said that it is lazy but after having a fight with it no one says that again.

Montenegro-icon Montenegrin clay was occupied many times in history. Metohija was initially taken by Serbia-icon Serbiaball and now by Kosovo-icon Kosovoball and Skadar by Albania-icon Albaniaball whom Montenegro-iconMontenegro now hates.

Montenegro used to be good friends with his cousin Russia-iconRussiaball but they got into a fight when Montenegro-icon Montenegro wanted to join NATO-icon NATO and since then they are enemies. Just recently, Montenegro achieved what he wanted and joined NATO-icon NATO. However, Russia-icon Russiaball threatened to shoot missiles at him because of this.


Montenegro was Illyria-icon Illyrian and then apart of SPQR-icon Roman Empireball and then Ostrogothic Kingdom-icon Ostrogothic Kingdomballuntil Byzantine-iconByzantineball took it back in the name of the stronk SPQR-icon Roman Empire. It was once split between Kingdom of Croatia-icon Kingdom of Croatiaballand First Bulgarian Empire-icon Bulgarian Empireball until Byzantine-icon Byzantineball retook it again. (Venice-icon Veniceball also had some tiny clay around Ragusa). Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empire conquered the clay of Montenegro-icon Montenegro, and so was it until 1879 when Kingdom of Montenegro-icon Kingdom of Montenegroball was created. It joined Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball but split for awhile in WW2. It was given independence in 2005. Montenegro-icon Montenegroball was at war with Japan-icon Japanball from the Russo-Japanese War until 2006! Montenegro-icon Montenegroball used to be enemies with Serbia-iconSerbiaball when it gained independence but now they can into likings each other since both hate kebab and now Montenegro-icon Montenegroball wants to return glorious and stronk Yugoslavia-iconYugoslaviaball.



  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Brother and Best Friend, we still like each other but after i joined NATOball he started to avoid me and when I talk to Albania-icon Albaniaball, he takes me away from him
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - My friend who wants more monies.
  • USA-icon USAball - NATO leader, My name is Montenegro not Mountain Negro... I'm not of black pl0x
  • NATO-icon NATOball - Thanks for letting me in.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - I know you real! And Israel is fake! I Will always help you!But stop calling me gay.


  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Was my best friend until I joined to NATO, so Russia got all pissed and threatened to shoot my clay with missiles.
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - I may recognize you but you are also an Albanian scum, and stop complaining about our between us my east clay is not yours its mine
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Yuo are of filthy kebab but yuo help me into NATO.
  • Albania-icon Albaniaball - We are starting to like each other because we are both part in NATOball so eh he can into friend, but Podgoricaball is mine and stop saying that my south clay is yuors.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Idiot zionist! Stop invading Palestine!!! Free Palestine!