Mongol Empireball Stronk! Rape and pillage those who stand in the way of Genghis Kan!
— Mongol Empireball
We invaded China. Please respect us, or we might invade you as well
— Mongol Empireball to Japanball
Mongol no more no less-0

Mongol Empireball is an historical countryball that conquered much of Asia and part of Europe before dying. He was responsible for the murder of Kievan Rusball, which is why Russiaball hates Mongoliaball today.


Mongol Empireball evolved from 1ball in 1206. He conquered so many places that he had too many successors.

Chinese front

He first attacked 1-icon Western Xia, 1-icon Jin, and 1-icon Song empire.

European front

When he succeeded, he turned to Russia and defeated Kievan Rusball. After Kievan Rusball was defeated, he headed to eastern Europe to prepare for battles with Germany, Poland, and Lithuania. He succeeded, but he can't into conquer them because his emperor died.

Middle East front

When his next emperor rose, he advanced to Khwarizm empire and defeated him. Then he headed to Baghdad and forced Abbasid to surrender, but Abbasid wouldn't surrender. So he ravaged Baghdad and killed all of Abbasid's people including the Caliph. When Baghdad was destroyed, he headed to Egypt. He made allies with Armeniaball and Georgiaball to try and conquer middle east. The Mamluks prepared for battle against him. Then he and the Mamluks met in Ain Jalut and started the battle. His General was killed and he retreat from Middle East.

Asian front

He first attacked Korea and succeeded, after Korea was killed, he sailed to Japan and started the war with Empire of Japanball. When he landed in Japan and killed all the Samurai, his army was crushed by a typhoon named Kamikaze. Then a few years later, he tried the same thing again but, a Kamikaze appeared again and he failed to conquer Japan. So, Japan agreed to gib him taxes so he doesn't invade anymore. He agreed and pulled his army from Japan to invade Southeast Asia. His first invasion was in Vietnamball, and he succeeded. Then he headed to Tibet and Thailand. He didn't fight them because they agreed to gib taxes, so he left them alone. Then he headed to Burmaball. First he sent a letter to forced Myanmar surrender, but Myanmar killed his messenger and prepared a lot of elite forces and thousands of elephants. But he stayed put and proceeded to defeat Myanmar. After that, he headed to Majapahitball and sent his messenger to force Majapahit surrender. But Majapahit disgraced his messenger and cut his messenger's ear. So he prepared forces to invade Java island to kill Majapahit, one problem though... Majapahit was cunning. There are 3 belligerents there, himself, Majapahit, and Kediri. Majapahit made a treaty with him to kill Kediri and divided the land. After Kediri was killed, Majapahit broke the treaty and attacked him. Unfortunately for the Mongols, his army was in drunk conditions, so Majapahit easily repelled him and made him surrender in Southeast Asia.



  • Kingdom of Poland-icon Kingdom of Polandball - He kicked me out of Europe along with Lithuania and Hungary.
  • Grand Duchy of Lithuania-icon Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball - Same as Poland.
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - Same as Poland
  • Kievan Rus-icon Kievan Rusball - XIXIXI!!! I kill yuo! NOW I CAN INTO EUROPEAN CLAY.
  • Goryeo-icon Goryeoball - XIXIXI. Yuo guys resisted to me, but I got yuo. NOW I CAN INVADE JAPAN.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - He didn't respect me, so I came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado (actually a typhoon). But I tried again and had a nice time fighting with him and then died in a tornado (actually a typhoon).
  • Ilkhanate-icon Ilkhanateball - My ungrateful son who rebelled me and then convert into KEBAB! But after 1335 he started Removing Kebabs but Timur, Ottomans and Kurds killed him and enslaved them.
  • Ottoman-icon Ottomanball - YOU TRAITOR!!! You are my Adoptive Son, you should Remove Kebab and not being one of them.
  • Timurid Empire-icon Timuridball - WORST KEBAB which tortured and exterminated me. Ilkhanate, Yuan and Chagatai died during his life time.
  • Khwarazmian dynasty-icon Khwarazmian dynastyball - A weak Turkic empire that couldnt repel My invasion.
  • Mamluk-icon Mamlukball - Damn kebab empire who defended mideast till last stand and made me defeated in mideast. He killed one of my best generals.
  • Delhi Sultanate-icon Delhi Sultanateball - A hindi kebab kingdom who repelled my invasion to India.
  • Abbasid-icon Abbasidball - Stupid kebab empire who ignored my ultimatum. TAKE THAT I MADE YUOR SHINY BAGHDAD INTO FLESHY RUBBISH CITY!!!
  • Bosnia-icon Bosnia & Herzegovinaball - Failed to conquer him unlike his Brother Serbia. Even worse that he became a Kebab.
  • Albania-icon Albaniaball - Same with Bosnia
  • Myanmar-icon Pagan Kingdomball - A vain and loser ching chong empire who failed to repel me. He killed my messenger. He even used elephant corpses and elite forces. But it wouldn't repel me. Then his king escaped and i got his clay and elephants. HAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!
  • Majapahit-icon Majapahitball - A javanese empire who disgraced my messenger and defeated me in southeast asia. Btw we worked together to kill Kediri empire.
  • 1-icon Mingball - This Chinese destroyed me.

How to draw

Draw Mongol Empireball is fairly simple:

  1. Draw a basic circle shape.
  2. Draw a blue up-left quarter with a white fire-sun-crescent symbol.
  3. Divide the rest into four stripes using three red lines with triangles facing down.
  4. Draw two slant-eyes and you've finished.

FACT :) :

Mongol Empire tried to conquer Japan but fail due to Large Angry Tornado


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