Monacoball is a tiny and rich countryball in Europe. However, this is often overlooked because of how small he is!


Monacoball was born as a 2ball and was adopted by Gaulball and Genoa Republicball till 1297. In 1860 by the Treaty of Turin, the Sardiniaball's forces pulled out of the principality and the surrounding county of Niceball (as well as Savoyball) was ceded to Franceball. Monacoball became Franceball's protectorate as he was many times before. Monacoball's sovereignty was recognized by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861. In 1869, the principality stopped collecting income tax from its residents—an indulgence the Grimaldi family could afford to entertain thanks solely to the extraordinary success of the casino. This made Monacoball not only a playground for the rich, but a favored place for them to live. In 1963, a crisis developed when Charles de Gaulle president of Franceball blockaded Monacoball, angered by its status as a tax haven for wealthy French. It was a spectacular event, as in Naboo planet and it forced Monacoball to respect better its affiliation to the policy of Franceball who does never laugh with cash.

Many of the world's top professional cyclists call Monacoball home, the mountains surrounding its clay such as the Col de la Madone make it an ideal place to train.

How to draw

Monacoball is similar to Polandball (Poland also stole his sunglasses and got in trouble with his neighbors and caused trouble for Monaco) and Indonesiaball. So, he wears sunglasses (because of richness):

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes, red and white, just like Indonesiaball and Polandball.
  2. Draw the eyes or a pair of sunglasses similar to USAball, and you've finished.


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