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Moldovaball is a small countryball in Eastern Europe.

She is Romania-icon Romaniaball's girlfriend and is currently dealing with Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball, her communist son from rapings of Soviet-icon Sovietball who has declared partial independence from her. Gagauzia-icon Gagauziaball is also looking to declare independence. She is also the poorest proudest country in Europe. Her HDI is lower than any other european countryball (even Albania !).

And if you thought that Romania-icon Romaniaball has an unstable political regime, just look at Moldovaball.

She is biologically like Romania-icon Romaniaball but was of kidnapped and raped by Soviet-icon Sovietball in 1940 who did bad things to her, from stealing clay to propaganda and deporting a lot of people to Siberia-icon Siberiaball, and made it impossible for her to develop economically or socially.

After Soviet-icon Sovietball's death she became a free and democratic country. But she's at a crossroads and cannot decide between EU-icon EUball or Russia-icon Russiaball. Both want her. She also cannot decide to unite with Romaniaball or remain independent.

Currently she decided pro Russia-icon Russiaball in hopings of improving economically and also in hopes for a reunion with Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball that EU-icon EUball doesn't care about.

Oh, and she also famous for the meme "Epic Sax Guy"



  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - Boyfriend. Helps remove gypsy.
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball - Boyfriend's friend. Also removes gypsy.
  • USA-icon USAball - Plox help! Gib freedom gib democracy.
  • EU-icon EUball - Gib membership plox! Or not? Not sure.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball (Sometimes) - We can be of friends, if you leave alone! and give my old clay back.



Moldovaball was born as a 2-icon 2ball in Eastern Europe and she was adopted by Dacia-icon Daciaball in 168 BC.

Her clay was anschlussed by SPQR-icon SPQRball in 106 AD and the local population was romanized, taking from the conquerors their language and advanced culture of the Roman Empire.

War Veterans were given clay and Roman Colonists were invited from all corners of the Empire to accelerate the Romanization process.

The people on that clay became Daco-Romans (although they considered themselves as only Romans). In 271 the Roman Legions evacuated Dacia-icon Daciaball and the migrations period began (Goths, Huns, Avars, Slavs).

Since the migrationists had no interest of agriculture themselves but needed food they made a deal with the natives, they are allowed to rule themselves and not be killed as long as they give 1/2 of everything they produce.

Eventually they ended up under Hungary-icon Kingdom of Hungaryball and in 1359 succesfully revolted forming Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball under Bogdan I "the Founder".

As Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball she fought many battles against the Ottoman-icon Ottomanball and resisted as well as protected the rest of europe for centuries. Her most famous ruler was Stephen the Great with a great win-lose ratio of 34 - 2 against kebab. He once asked all Western European Christian Nations to join him in an ultimate crusade against kebab. Unfortunately nobody joined as they were too busy fighting each other. She fought for as much as she could but in the 16th century she was finally anschlussed by Ottoman-icon Ottomanball.

In 1806 the Russo-Turkish war starts, after 6 years of battle the Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball wins and anschlusses the eastern half of Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball, known as Bessarabia-icon Bessarabiaball in the Bucharest treaty of 1812. While under Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball she became one of the poorest provinces of Europe, and she was also the poorest province of Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball.

In 1859 a union between the western half of Moldavia-icon Moldaviaball (today still part of Romania-icon Romaniaball) that remained under Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball and Wallachia-icon Wallachiaball was born, United Principalities-icon Romaniaball. In 1877, United Principalities-icon Romaniaball declares its independence from Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball fighting besides Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball, Serbia-icon Serbiaball and Montenegro-icon Montenegroball in an Orthodoxyball crusade coalition. In 1881, United Principalities-icon Romaniaball became Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball.

During World War I, taking advantage from the chaos of the communist revolution, she declared independence from Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball as Democratic Republic of Moldavia-icon Democratic Republic of Moldaviaball. Three months later, the supreme authority of the new Bessarabian state – Sfatul Tarii, decided union with Kingdom of Romania-icon Kingdom of Romaniaball.

They were together for 22 years but in 1940 she was kidnapped by Soviet-icon Sovietball as a consequence of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939, who took Budjakball (GIB SEA BACK!) and Khotynball from her then started of rapings to differentiate her from Romania-icon Romaniaball and eliminate tensions out of a desire for reunification.

The official stance of the government was that Moldovan culture and nationality are distinct from Romanian, the Latin alphabet was replaced with the Cyrillic alphabet and the language was renamed Moldovan, the access of native Bessarabians to positions in administration and economy was limited as they were considered untrustworthy, the authors that promoted a Romanian national sentiment were banned, ethnic cleasing by mass deporting native Bessarabians in Siberia-icon Siberiaball started and Gagauzia-icon Gagauziaball, Russia-icon Russiaball and Ukraine-icon Ukraineball were brought in.

Ever since the fall of Soviet-icon Sovietball and stoping of rapings in 1991, she has become a free, democratic country. Some thought that Moldova-icon Moldovaball and Romania-icon Romaniaball will unite like East Germany-icon East Germanyball and Germany-icon West Germanyball. However this did not happen.

Economically, some would tend to think it was Romania-icon Romaniaball who didn't want the union because he was 5 times richer than Moldova-icon Moldovaball and union meant that he would have to invest a lot of money in Bessarabia-icon Bessarabiaball. Strangly this wasn't the case, due to patriotic reasons >80% of Romanians wanted the union. On the other hand, Moldova-icon Moldovaball did not want the union because after decades Soviet propaganda she came to believe they are not the same people and she was oppressed by Romania-icon Romaniaball, many Moldovan intellectuals supported the union and wanted a "reunion with the Romanian motherland", including the president of that time, but there was little popular support for it, with more than 70% of people opposing it.

Moldova-icon Moldovaball's declaration of independence from 1991 refers to the official language as Romanian, while her constitution from 1994 refers to the language as Moldovan. There's controversy in Moldova-icon Moldovaball whether her langauge is Moldovan or Romanian, due to the communist raping when Moldova-icon Moldovaball was Transnistria-icon Moldavian SSRball. Some claim "Romanian people Romanian language" while others claim "I'm Moldovan, I speak Moldovan language".

Scholars agree that Moldovan and Romanian are the same language, with the glottonym "Moldovan" used in certain political contexts. How to say "You have a big house" in Romanian and Moldovan. RO: Ai o casă mare. MD: Ai o casă mare. Internationally the Moldovan language is recognised as another term for the Romanian language rather than a different language as the controversy goes. Moldovan is a Romanian dialect that is also used in some regions of Romania, rather than a different language. People from urban areas predominantly call their language Romanian while people from the rular areas predominatly call their language Moldovan. Various Moldovan singers performed pro-Romanian language songs such as O-zone "I won't forsake our language" with the last verse being "I won't forsake our language, our Romanian language", Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici performed a song called "The Romanian language".

Until 1995 Moldova-icon Moldovaball had the same anthem as Romania-icon Romaniaball, "Awaken thee, Romanian!". Since 1995 the anthem of Moldova-icon Moldovaball became "Our Language" written by Alexei Mateevici (1888-1917) as a prase to the Romanian language while under Russian domination urging people to keep using it. However, the song was used by Moldova-icon Moldovaball as a praise to the Moldovan language.

In 2003, a Moldovan-Romanian dictionary by Vasile Stati was published. Linguists of Romania-icon Romaniaball Academy declared that all the Moldovan words are also Romanian words, although some of its contents are disputed as being Russian loanwords. In Moldova-icon Moldovaball, the head of the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Linguistics, Ion Bărbuță described the dictionary as "an absurdity, serving political purposes". Vasile Stati, however, accused both of promoting "Romanian colonialism". At that point, a group of Romanian linguists adopted a resolution stating that promotion of the notion of a distinct Moldovan language is an anti-scientific campaign.

In 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldova-icon Moldovaball ruled that the name "Romanian," as used in the Declaration of Independence to identify the official language, prevails over the name "Moldovan," given in the Article 13. Thus the official language settled for "Romanian". However the breakaway region of Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball continues to recognize "Moldovan" as the official language, along with Russian and Ukrainian.

In 2016, the presidential site of Igor Dodon has seen the Romanian language option changed to Moldovan, which is described to be "in accordance with the constitution" by said president.

After Moldova-icon Moldovaball became a member of UN-icon UNball in 1992, her president authorized a military intervenience against rebels who still wanted to be part of Soviet-icon Sovietball. Helped by Russia-icon Russiaball troops, the rebels gained control over the eastern bank of the Dnister river attacking police sections loyal to Moldova-icon Moldovaball, thus Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball was born. Moldova-icon Moldovaball army was outnumbered which made them unable to regain control over Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball. A ceasefire was signed and Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball declared partial independence from her.

Starting 2009 the communist party lost power, the percentage of Moldova-icon Moldovaball that wants union increased and keeps increasing, however they are still a minority (about 30% of the country). However there is Russia-icon Russiaball who still has troops stationed in Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball that can repeat the Crimea-icon Crimeaball scenario anytime and invade Moldova-icon Moldovaball under whatever excuse.

But until then Moldova-icon Moldovaball is doing ok, she is not in a threat or crysis situation and she is independent (mostly), in spite of the different opinions and controversy within the countr, her people don't live through difficult times dispite being the poorest country in europe or times of conflict as it may seem from history. It's a peaceful countryball where people live normal lives.

On the bright side, as separate states Moldova-icon Moldovaball and Romania-icon Romaniaball always give each other 12 points on Eurovision, so they got that going for them which is nice. Some people believe Moldova-icon Moldovaball and Romania-icon Romaniaball would be better as 2 brothers but separate countries like Germany-icon Germanyball and Austria-icon Austriaball. In 2017, she got her best-ever Eurovision result - third place in the final - thanks to the return of her beloved Epic Sax Guy.

Quotes Edit

“Never and in no circumstance has it crossed my mind to say that I am anything else than a Romanian from Bessarabia.”  – Maria Cebotari, Moldovan soprano and actress.

“I consider Moldova one of the best kept secrets on earth, in fact. And, I am not alone.” – Kevin Stillmock, American cable television entrepreneur.

“Chisinau is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and in the fall virtually the entire city is transformed into reds and yellows.” – Nancy J. Weinstock, New York Times.

“There are places in my country you’ll never find somewhere else…is like a drug – once you go there you want to go again.” – Unknown.

“You don’t need going to California; you find a stairway to Heaven right here.” – G.T. , Guests’ Book of wine cellar Milestii Mici.



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