Minnesotaball is a northern Midwest state of USA-icon USAball.


The last line is a reference to The Peanuts, a popular comic series that originated in Minnesota


Minnesotaball was a 3-icon 3ball (Ojibwa and Dakota) until he was adopted by USA-icon USAball. He was admitted to the Union on May 11th, 1858 by taking the clay from the Territory of Minnesotaball. He is told he is one of the nicest states in the USA and that he has a unique accent. He likes to go up north to the cabin in the summer and play hockey in the winter. It's also one of the colder states in the USA. One of the smartest and healthiest states. He's is also pretty brave, HELPED THE UNION WIN GETTYSBURG (First Minnesota).

In General

Minnesotaball is very liberal, and hates Donald Trump, but is starting to turn more conservative. He has a Football team called Minnesota Vikings. He also really hates the Packers (Cheeseheads). But He sometimes cannot into winning the Super Bowl.

Also he wants to leave USA-icon USAball and join Canada-icon Canadaball because his culture has more Canadian in him than American, which at one point Canada-icon Canadaball joked about how Minnesotaball is his 11th Province.


NorthDakota-icon North Dakotaball- younger and favorite brother. They both can into big Norwegian population and a land border with Canada-icon Canadaball. Also, most of North Dakotaball's clay was once part of Minnesotaball as a territory.

SouthDakota-icon South Dakotaball- twin brother of North Dakotaball, but is not as similar to Minnesotaball (although they still have much in common.)

Iowa-icon Iowaball- neighbor who gets along with Minnesotaball. has smelly pigs.

Wisconsin-icon Wisconsinball- football rivals! But we both have German heritage in our populations.

Yooper-icon Yooperball and Michigan-icon Michigancube- GIB ISLE ROYALE! Wait? you have a Finnish population? I do too! but that island is still gonna be mine one day...

Canada-icon Canadaball- uncle who taught Minnesotaball how to be nice. He gives Minnesotaball his cold weather, Both can into unique accents. I parodied one of his rock bands once: [http://]

Somalia-icon Somaliaball- Gives Minneapolis-icon Minneapolisball many immigrants.

Norway-icon Norwayball- Minnesotaball's main and largest heritage, I has the most Norwegian Americans in USA-icon USAball.

Sweden-icon Swedenball- Also has a population of Swedish heritage, Can into Nordic plox?

Germany-icon Germanyball- Takes up the other half of my heritage, mostly in the south, especially New Ulm.

Finland-icon Finlandball- Most of the my arrowhead has a large population of Finnish heritage.

Ontario-icon Ontarioball & Manitoba-icon Manitobaball - Both sons of Canada-icon Canadaball, and friends.

Alaska-icon Alaskaball - Wait who now, isn't he part of Canada-icon Canadaball?

USA-icon USAball - My dad.

Laos-icon Laosball & Cambodia-icon Cambodiaball - Many of my Hmong immigrants come from here.

CSA-icon Nazi-icon CSAball & Nazi Germanyball - Unfortunately, the National Socialist Movement, the largest Neo-Nazi Group in USA-icon USAball was founded in my capital, Saint Paul. REMOVE RACISM!

How to draw

Like almost all US states, he's only a coat of arms on a blue background:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Minnesota in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

Minnesota has a unofficial north star flag which is more easier to draw.

  1. Start with a dark blue background
  2. Draw a white wave in the middle
  3. Fill the lower half in green
  4. Draw the usual eyes and your finished.