Milky Wayball is a very large Galaxyball, it has billions of Planetballs. Earthball is one of them, which has most of countryballs. Milky Wayball can into millions of civilizations and countryballs, but Earthball cannot into discovering them (except from someone).

Short info

Milky Wayball is into many harbouring of many advanced civilizations. Earthball is only one of them but cannot into findings of the others so they are left into waiting. Milky Wayball has a very large girth of 10^5 light years and can into many stars, planets and gas. in the future all galaxysballs of local group will unite and create a super galaxy

Social aspects

His friends include...

Andromedaball Next-door neighbour.


earthball civilizations They are wantings into find 6balls

local group galaxyballs Also neighbours.


Black Holeball HE DESTROYS MANY CLAYS :( SagittariusA-ball HE DESTROY MY CLAY :(