For the county in Liberia, see Marylandball (Liberia).

Marylandball is a state of USAball. Marylandball likes dressing up as UKball or wearing big and poofy wigs while walking his poodle. Marylandball also likes to occasionally wear a crab hat on his head, and is often found carrying a bottle of old bay spice.

His flag is the worst one in the world like just look at it


Marylandball was a 3ball adopted by USAball. He ratified the Constitution on April 28, 1788, becoming the seventh state to ratify it. In 1861, CSAball asked Marylandball to leave USAball and join him; Marylandball said no. Now of having 8ball overload.


Marylandball has a cityball, Manchester (Carroll County), who has the distinction of being perhaps the only cityball whose reality state has a "donut hole" in its clay. One of Marylandball other cityballs, Westminster, is held to serve the residence of one of the largest pipe organs in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Marylandball's reality state is the birthplace of the poet who wrote the national anthem of USAball. (Frederick Countyball swears that having everything to do with the poem of "The Defense of Fort McHenry", which provides the lyrics of the song, has nothing to do with why it wants to split from Marylandball along with some other countyballs and form a 51st stateball). Marylandball's biggest counties are MoCoball and P.G. Countyball.


  • USA-icon USAball - My who established me to have sea, thanks dad. Bring me CRAB!
  • UK-icon UKball - Get your disgusting culture away from me!
  • France-icon Franceball - Nah! He’s not my rival, well, just twice, most likely an ally! Just PLEASE stop waving that shitty blank flag of yours!
  • Virginia-icon Virginiaball - He borrows my stuff AND FORGETS TO RETURN IT.
  • Florida-icon Floridaball - Amazing friend, but with weird shape tho. He can into Atlantic!
  • Massachusetts-icon Massachusettsball - Very annoying person, always brags about his “football teams”, god I hate this guy!
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - I let him visit once. Now there are Jews everywhere.
  • Delaware-icon Delawareball - He may be small, but he sure does have a large pun vocabulary.
  • Nazi-icon CSA-icon Protesters - Stop taking down my statues!

Baltimoreball **** you Baltimore! If you're dumb enough to buy a new car this weekend, you're a big enough schmuck to come to Big Bill Hell's Cars!

How to draw

Drawing Marylandball is a pain:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into quarters
  2. Color the up-left one and the down-right one of this yellow
  3. Divide the other quarters in littler quarters
  4. Color them (from up-left, clockwise) of white, red, white and red
  5. Draw a pattee cross on these big quarters countercoloring
  6. Divide the yellow quarters into six vertical lines (yellow and black)
  7. Draw a diagonal (from up-left to right-down) line countercoloring
  8. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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