Maineball is USAball's northernmost state east of the Mississippi, located in New Englandball and is the only US stateball that can into a single-syllable name, and a single border with another state. Yooper-icon For now...

He has a step-brother, New Brunswickball, son of Canadaball.

He likes lobster, fishing, Moxie, logging, guns, and now, smoking weed.


Maineball was born a 3ball, adopted by UKball and given to a gift of clay to Colonial USAball, but before adoption, was settled by many Franceballs. As a result, Maineball spoke French, and today speaks French as an unofficial second language.

It was also part of Massachusettsball before it seceded from it in 1820.

The Franceballs who settled Maineball were exiled on the suspicion of working against UKball for Franceball during the French and Indian War and went on to become Cajunball.

Ever since the Missouri Compromise, Maineball has been a US Stateball.

How to draw

Like almost all US states, he's only a coat of arms on a blue background:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Maine in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


  • His capital, Augusta, is not his largest city. His largest city is Portland. Portland-icon The OTHER Portland, the first one.
  • The Gulf of Maine is named after him.
  • The USS Maine was sunken during Cubaball's war of independence against Spainball. This was the main cause of USAball declaring war on Spainball.

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