Luftwaffeball, or German Airforceball, is the brother of Wehrmachtball and uncle of Bundeswehrball.


Luftwaffeball is known to Stay Calm and Keep Focus, He Is Also Know to To "Surprise Anschluss" His Victims. His Speciality Is Bombing And Helping His Brother Wehrmachtball On The Ground With His Famous Dive Bombers


Luftwaffeball was born in 1935. He was in Spain doing the Civil War, and learned a lot of his combat skill in Spain.

He Was Also Used in the New Blitzkrieg Way of War, His Job Was to Dive Bomb the Allies With His Dive-Bombers However Failed at Capturing UKball Becose Of His Lack in Dog Fighting Skills

But He Learned it the Hard Way And Doing The Invasion of Soivetball His Traing in The Battle of Britan and In the Civil War Of Spain,

Later He Became A Great Dogfigther When Defending The Skys of The Reich, He Even Used the First Fully Working Jet Fighter.



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