Louisianaball is a state of the USA-icon USAball. It's the home of Frenchies. Second only to Floridaball in terms of crazy people, Louisianaball is known for bananas, pelicans, voodoo, the bayou, and the alligators and insects that thrive in its marshy environment. Louisianaball is just neutral to every being in the worldball (except hamburgers). Economically, Louisianaball ain't doing too good so it can be described like a hobo or something poor-looking. Louisianaball is usually trying to act French and be the Quebec of America.

Louisianaball like to remember that it was a great quarter of North America when it was build by France-icon Franceball even seeing on the map what Louisianaball is now is a frustration for him. For consolation, Louisianaball makes carnivals in his Vieux Carré district in Nouvelle-Orléans and plays jazz and blues music.


The clay around what would eventually become Louisianaball was first visited, and then settled, by a Franceball explorer in the late 1600s. A number of colonial wars mostly fought far away from Louisianaball caused parts of Lousianaball to flip back and forth from Franceball to Spainball to Franceball and eventually to USAball.


  • USA-icon USAball - Father. He doesn't like his burgers.

Murica-icon USofA - What do mean you don't like burgers, son?!

Louisiana-icon Louisiana - Non!