Livonian Orderball is historical Germanic Baltic knight order.


Livonian Orderball was founded in 1202 for the defense and expansion of Christianity in Estoniaball. After the heavy defeat suffered from Balts at the Battle of Šiauliaiball in 1236, Livonian Orderball joined in 1237 with the Teutonic Orderball and became a part of it. Later, by weakening the Teutonic Orderball after defeats in the wars against Kingdom of Polandball and Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, two hundred years after reunification there was a split both orders. In 1554 Livonian Orderball signed a humiliating peace with the Grand Duchy of Muscovyball, under which he renounced the relationship with the Kingdom of Polandball and Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, committing to pay you a tribute to the city of Moscowball. As a result of the Northern War the remainder of the land was incorporated into the law of the Kingdom of Polandball as the common domain of the Kingdom of Polandball and Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, the northern part of Estoniaball fell Denmarkball.

How to draw

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Color it in white.
  3. Draw a red pattee cross at the top.
  4. Below paint a red sword pointing his blade down.
  5. Draw eyes and you've finished.

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