Lisbonball is the capital cityball of Portugal-icon Portugalball.


Some think she's been there since days of old , as old as Ancient Greeceball, but we can definitely confirm her existence since the times of SPQRball as Olisipoball.  After the fall of the Roman Empire it became incorporated in the Arab Empire as Lishbuna, to where it owes very beautiful tile origins. Conquered by her true father, Kingdom of Portugalball in the ancient year of 1179. Since then, she has been a centre stage for history. Durings 1400s and 1500s became massive, stronk, important port for Europe due to the Kingdom of Portugalball 's many colonies (Angolaball, Goaball, Brazilball [ hue, hue ], Macauball, etc. ). In 1755 it fell to big earthquake (followed by tsunami and fire), and quickly rebuilt itself to become a modern city based in the science and Illuminsm ideals of the time, although some buildings stayed. It became the stage of the Republic Implantation of Portugalball , and the Military Coup that ended its Fascism State. Nowadays, Lisboaball has been host to many important events, and one of the turistic centres of Europe and Portugalball (mainly USAball and countryballs from Europe) due to its long and rich history and culture, along with its beaches and climate. However, she is still sometimes treated like an inferior cityball, although she's as modern and sophisticated as other cityballs and countryballs.  

She will host Eurovision in 2018.