Liechtensteinball is a European microstate. His best friend is Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball, and often does not talk to other countries. He used to be friends with Italy-icon Italyball, however they did not talk much after 1886. He is rock hard from being only in mountains and can survive Bayern's fatness and Austria and Switzerland Crushing him even though he is very small.

Liechtensteinball also loves false teeth.



  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - Liechtenstein's Brother and ally. They often are seen together.
  • Austria-iconAustriaball - Liechtenstein's Mentor and Brother He is another bordering nation aside from Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball. He is also a possible new ally.
  • San Marino-icon San Marinoball Dislikes San Marinoball. They often squabble about being the best microstate.
  • Haiti-icon Haitiball - Was forced to change his flag because of this guy. 1936 never forget! Haha your weightlifter withdrew. CHICKEN! BLACK PIGDOG!!!!!
  • Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball-Soon I will be like him
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball Gib back my castles you scum!
  • Japan-iconJapanball. i am of not stupid litten