Liberland-icon Liberlandball is a micronation located in the Balkan Penninsula/Balkans. He was born on 13 April 2015 in disputed territory between Croatia-icon Croatiaball and Serbia-icon Serbiaball. If counted as country, Liberland-icon Liberlandball would be the 3rd smallest country by area in the world.



  • Sealand-icon Sealandball : My mini friend. And he also thinks that he can independence. Im proud of him.
  • Liberecball-icon Liberecball : Oh Liberec. You are just city but YUOR NAME! Stepbrother...
  • Somaliland-icon Somalilandball : He's my friend because i recognize him. And he's proud of me becoming a independent nation.
  • Danube River : So that I can exist through the disputes! But you made the map of me look weird.



ReichTime Reichtangle Your anchluss is so embarrasing!

Wake Island-icon Wake Islandball Brat that thinking he can into america's day and allegedly he can drink moar than my dad!

Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball idiot that attacked on my daddy 1939!


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