Lesotho-icon Lesothoball is a countryball in Africa. It is a mountainous region totally surrounded by South Africa-icon South Africaball. He is a descendant of the Bantuball. Due to poverty and the king being psycho, many Lesotho-icon Lesothoballs want South Africa-icon South Africaball to annex it.


In the 18th Century, Lesotho-icon Lesothoball started out as a refuge from the fighting going on in South Africa-icon South Africaball. Boerballs and 8-icon 8balls were fighting in the Free Stateball, and Zuluballs and Ndebeleballs fighting in KZNball.

The Sothoballs decided to let a guy called Moshoeshoe lead them, and they built mountaintop fortresses in Lesotho-icon Lesothoball. They threw large rocks at anyone trying to bother them. UK-icon UKball, who likes to interfere in such matters, declared Lesotho-icon Lesothoball a protectorate step daughter. Eventually Lesotho-icon Lesothoball felt secure and sent out raiding parties, stealing the Boerballs sheep and horses and the Zuluballs cattle. This hobby is still practiced today.


Lesotho-icon Lesothoball has a lot of water and made an agreement with South Africaball to use it in its factories in Gautengball. Every time Lesotho-icon Lesothoball changes government, it changes its mind on the tariffs for the water and upsets South Africa-icon South Africaball. Lesotho-icon Lesothoball may be doing this to piss off his neighbor.

Lesotho-icon Lesothoball also has a lot of diamonds in his mountains, as they are volcanic in nature. Lesotho-icon Lesothoball also works for South Africa-icon South Africaball in its mines.

Lesotho-icon Lesothoball chummed up to China-icon Chinaball, and there are a few factories now run by China-icon Chinaball on the premises.

Lesotho-icon Lesothoball is still very friendly with his stepfather, UK-icon UKball.

Lesotho-icon Lesothoball is a member of SADC, but usually doesn’t attend any meetings as his Basotho pony takes too long to get him there. 


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Ireland-icon Irelandball

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UK-icon UKball

South Africa-icon South Africaball