Kyrgyzstanball also known as XBOXball is a countryball in Central Asia. More often than not, he is mistaken for Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball because of his looks, and sometimes he is mistaken for an XBox because of his flag, especially by USA-icon USAball.

Kyrgyzstanball cannot into marriage as his bride would always be kidnapped by someone else.


Kyrgyzstanball born as 1-icon 1ball, "adopted" by Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball and Soviet-icon Sovietball.

The modern day Kyrgyz people is unified from the 40 tribes by Manas. Manas also the most popular and longest epic, yet the most respected figure among Kyrgyz people.

Kyrgyzstanball became fully independent from Sovietball since 1991.


Along every other Stans, -Stan is of meaning "Land Of" in Persian. -Kyrgyz means Sunny Area also in Persian, the two words makes Land of Sunny Area. Word "Kyrgyz" also derived from old Turkic language for fourty.

How to draw

Drawing Kyrgyzstanball is not too difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this red
  2. Draw a yellow sun (crossed by three perpendicular lines)
  3. Draw 40 yellow rays around the sun, but with a red circle among them
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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