Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball is a countryball in Middle East, which is located in southwest Asia.


Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball born as a 4-icon 4ball, adopted by Macedon-icon Macedonball, Parthia-icon Parthiaball, Iran-icon Persiaball, Caliphate-icon Caliphateball and Ottoman-icon Ottomanball. UK-icon UKball colonized him for last till 1961, when Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball became fully independent. He was attacked by Iraq-icon Iraqball in 1990, and restored in 1991.

Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball has the most expensive currency unit in the world (around 3.3 USD).


Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball - Lets remove Iraq-icon Iraqball together.

UAE-icon UAEball - We are both Rich Bros

India-icon Indiaball: Ok. But stop colonising me, plox.

USA-icon USAball - Probably my best friend, helped me kick the butt of Iraq-icon Sadam Hussein and now is a big buyer of my oil, also he made me Major non-NATOball ally.


Iraq-icon Iraqball - Worst enemy! Never forget 1990!

Iran-icon Iranball - Is of threat to gulf countries


Japan-icon Japanball - Yuo asshole! Your shitty way of making pearls made me poor! If it wasn't for oil, I'd be poor as fuck!

Kazakhstan-iconKazakhbrick - I'm sorry for playing Borat's anthem at the olympics. not really lololol

How to draw

Drawing Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a black half-trapezoid-arrow from the left
  3. Divide the rest into three horizontal stripes
  4. Color them of green, white and red
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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