Kushball was an ancient Nubian African kingdom south of Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient Egyptball, they copycated them by building sub-pyramids. Today he is the ancestor of Sudan-icon Sudanball and South Sudan-icon South Sudanball.

In modern times, 'kush' is slang for 'weed'. No, Kushball didn't actually smoke weed. It's unlikely there even was weed in Ancient Nubia.


Kushball born as an 8-icon 8ball, adopted by Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient Egyptball till 1070 BC. He became part of Nubia-icon Nubiaball and when he was anschulled by Kingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of Aksumball in 350 AD, he became Nobatia-icon Nobatiaball, Makuriaball and Alodia-icon Alodiaball.

How to draw

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw the pyramid's edges light yellow
  3. Draw the pyramid's inside a bit darker yellow
  4. Draw the eyes and you're finished.