You are fools, mein vater's machine will destroy you! Well, zeuy could do, if zey vorked...

Kriegsmarineball is a militaryball in Europe during World War 2. He is the navy of Nazi Germanyball and mostly fought in the Atlantic against the Allies. He was the son of the Imperial German Navyball and will fight for the Führer. Unfortunately, his surface fleet didn't win as many naval battles as his brothers on land battles. However he did almost starve the UKball to death by implementing naval blockade with his massive U-boat flotillas.


  • SSball: Little brother of Wehrmachtball. Can into removing Jews.
  • Luftwaffeball: Another brother of his. He like jets and can into Blitzkrieg.
  • Wehrmachtball: Big brother who looks after him and is very stronk. 
  • Nazi Germanyball: Father who has different ideas about how to run a navy. SIEG HEIL!!!
  • German Armyball: Violent nephew who he adores. Gets to see him often because of amphibious operations.
  • Deutsche Marineball: Other nephew. Never sees him for some reason. 


Kriegsmarineball Is a incompetent fool of a ball. Just like the German Empireball's navy branch, the surface fleet power of the Kriegsmarineball is insignificant compare to his arch nemesis--the Royal Navyball. However, due to the success of his father, the Imperial German Navyball's unrestricted submarine tactic during world war 1, Kriegsmarineball is known for being a submarine enthusiastic. He loves the U-boats and somewhat indifferent towards his surface fleet.

nevertheless, he is a kind soul. Unless, of course, you're an enemy to ze faterland. 

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