Daehan Empireball was the successor of Joseonball and existed from 1897 to 1910. But due to Japanese Empireball, he was short lived. he was also the father of North and South Koreaball before his death.

Daehan Empireball first used electricity in all of Korean history. he also had trains and telephones.

he had all clay on the Korean Peninsula, Jeju, and chunk of China.


Shortly after gaining independence in 1897 he got guns, cannon, and European things. Daehan Empireball existed until 1910 after being taken over by the Japanese Empireball. He was a puppet state at the time. He than became a provisional government (North and South Koreaball). He was part of the Japanese Empire until the end of WW2. At the end of WW2, his clay was split in half by Sovietball and USAball into North Koreaball clay and South Koreaball. He died a few years.

Korean empire vs inyola(fantasy clay)