Kingdom of Serbiaball was a older version of Serbiaball and started WW1.


Serbiaball born as a 2-icon2ball, adopted by Illyria-iconIllyriaball, SPQR-iconSPQRball, Slavs-iconSlavsball, Ottoman-iconOttomanball. Kingdom of Serbia (medieval)-iconHe was a kingdom also in the Middle Ages.In 1912 him, Kingdom of Greece-iconGreece, Kingdom of Montenegro-iconMontenegro and Bulgaria-iconBulgaria attacked and took lands from Ottoman-iconOttoman Empireball.Then Him and Bulgaria-iconBulgaria had a disagreement and him and Kingdom of Greece-iconGreece and Kingdom of Romania-iconRomania ganged up on Bulgaria-iconBulgaria.In ww1 he did lots of damage to Austria-Hungary-iconAustria-Hungary despite having a disadvantage.


RussianEmpire-iconRussian Empire - Brother!

Bulgaria-iconKingdom of Bulgaria - You betrayer!

Kingdom of Montenegro-iconKingdom of Montenegro - Brother, please help to your son Montenegro-iconMontenegro, he started to like Kebabs.

Chetniks-iconChetniks - My Army!

Austria-Hungary-iconAustria-Hungary - I killed you ahahahhahhahahahaha.