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Kingdom of Prussiaball was the Großvater of Germanyball, heir to the Prussian virtues of Ruthless Efficiency. For over 400 years he dominated central Europe with his mächtig armies and united all the kingdoms and states of the past Holy Roman Empireball into one powerful countryball known as the Kaiserreich.


In 1226, the area known as Prussia was conquered by the Teutonic Knights, a military religious order under the Holy Roman Empire, who exterminated the native "Pruzzi" Baltic tribes with a ruthless efficiency only rivalled by the Templar Knights. Their lineage under the Teutonic Knights provided the template for the military virtues and Ruthless Efficiency that Prussia (and soon Germanyball) would be renowned for. The Protestant Reformation in the early to mid 1500s saw most Prussians convert to Protestantism. In 1525, Prussia became a hereditary duchy under Albrecht Hohenzollern, the last grand master of the Teutonic Knights.

In 1657, after an invasion by the Swedenball, Polandball surrendered sovereignty over Ducal Kingdom of Prussiaball which then became the Kingdom of Kingdom of Prussiaball headed by the Hohenzollern line. Kingdom of Prussiaball's power grew and in 1772, under King Friedrich II (Frederick the Great), consisted of the provinces of Brandenburgball, Pomeraniaball, Danzigball, West Kingdom of Prussiaball and East Kingdom of Prussiaball (modern day East Germanyball, northern Polandball, and a small portion of the Sovietball). It was in Brandenburg that was built the site of the establishment of Prussia's new capital, Berlin, future capital of Germanyball. In 1806 he went to war with Franceball but was defeated in 2 weeks.

A major event in German history was the defeat of Franceball in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, making Kingdom of Prussiaball a world power. It was during this war that, in 1870, Otto von Bismarck, Prussian chancellor and exemplar of Germanic Efficiency, orchestrated the unification of the German states. The Reichtangle was established under Prussian leadership with Bismarck as Chancellor and Berlin as the capital. Wilhelm II, the last of the Hohenzollern dynasty, became Emperor of Germanyball (Kaiser) in 1888 and ruled until Germanyball's defeat in World War I.

After defeat in World War I, Germanyball was forced to give up the Danzig Corridor to Polandball and Danzigball once again became a free city. This caused the province of East Kingdom of Prussiaball to be separated from the rest of Germanyball. The Rosenberg District was at this time contained in East Prussia.

After Germanyball's defeat in World War II, Kingdom of Prussiaball was the initial scapegoat for everything as he was accused of being militaristic, war-obsessed and the creator of Naziball's god Reichtangle. In the Polish and Eastern European territories, Kingdom of Prussiaball has been expelled and ceased to be. The old Rosenberg District in now part of the Itawa District of Polandball, and all of the villages now have Polish names. Yet Kingdom of Prussiaball still survives, as Berlinball, the brain of Germanyball, and continues to be the standard for Germanic efficiency.


Kingdom of Prussiaball was often hated by everyone else because of being excessively über-strict, a pragmatic, disciplined and merciless workaholic who values efficiency above all. Yet this act of toughness to everybody else was more of a Realpolitik way to protect his adopted children, the Germanyballs, from further abuse and bullying by their neighbours. And when it came to his stepsons, even to the too-carefree Bavariaball, he revealed himself to be very caring, concerned only with unifying his fragmented stepson countryballs so that they could be strong together. His motivation for the creation of the Reichtangle was to secure a one Fatherland where his Germanyballs could enjoy their own Fatherland secure for themselves and by themselves, no longer abused and bullied by outside powers, a single superpower allowed an opportunity to be the centre of Science and engineering for years to come. Even today Germanyball, though remembering him as a quite punishing and demanding mentor, admires him and upholds him as the standard for the efficiency that Germanyball today is renowned for all throughout the world.



  • Ottoman-icon Ottomanball - Kebab and Prussia used to be allies in WW1
  • Bavaria-icon Bavariaball - I hope you are happy with your castle of gayness.
  • ReichTime Reichtangle - His son who was born from the marriage with Bavaria, and would eventually follow father steps into world domination in WW1.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Proud grandson, heir to Prussian dedication to efficiency, though disappointed that he got married to das bipolar bitch.
  • UK-icon UKball - (Sometimes)We kicked Franceball's ass together!
  • Germany-icon Weimar Republicball - My adopted litle poor son who was buillied by everything (died in 1933 by Versaillesvirus)
  • Kaliningrad Oblast-icon Minor Lithuaniaball - Mein daughter. First child we was fusion but Sister stole my dauther and calling like her body clay
  • Chile-icon Chileball - Mein disciple.


  • France-icon Franceball - A bipolar asshole who used to bully mein stepsons but ich kicked her ass and stole Alsace and Lorraine clays from her back in 1871. Nowadays, learned her lessons on being arrogant, and today a lover and wife of Mein Enkel, giving birth to Mein great-grandson Reich.But she still is arrogent
  • UK-icon UKball -(Sometimes) Oh come on just because I stole some of your friends from you for the birthday of my son? Be more nice.
  • Kaliningrad Oblast-icon Kaliningradball - YOU'RE NOT EVEN TRUE PRUSSIANS YOU UNTERMENSCH!!! I'm so sorry that that bad Swastica UNTERMENSH sent you to the Slavic UNTERMENSH. Lucky for you, I am slowly seeping back into you. Your the perfect mix of Slav And Germanic.
  • Poland-Lithuania-icon Poland-Lithuaniaball- Used to Anschluss him once through Partitions of Poland.
  • Austrian Empire-icon Austrian Empireball-Were rivals and tried to stop unified Germany but it failed.
  • Spain-icon Spainball - During Successions War.


  • "Heil dir im Siegenkranz!"
  • "Preußen Über Alles!"
  • "Anschluss zeit!"
  • "Ich can partizion before it vas cuel!"
  • "Wer alles verteidigt, verteidigt nichts."
  • "Wenn meine Soldaten anfangen zu denken, würde niemand in den Reihen bleiben."
  • "Ein gebildeter Mensch kann leicht regiert werden."




Polandball animation - A war orchestra02:46

Polandball animation - A war orchestra

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Lordship of ThurnauballLordship of Triberg-icon Lordship of TribergballLordship of Umpfenbach-icon Lordship of UmpfenbachballLordship of Varel-icon Lordship of VarelballLordship of Velen-icon Lordship of VelenballVaud-icon Lordship of WaadtballLordship of Wädenswil-icon Lordship of WädenswilballLordship of Wain-icon Lordship of WainballLordship of Wallhausen-icon Lordship of WallhausenballLordship of Wallmoden-icon Lordship of WallmodenballLordship of Wartau-icon Lordship of WartauballLordship of Wasserburg-icon Lordship of WasserburgballCounty of Reuß-icon Advocacy of WeidaballLordship of Weinsberg-icon Lordship of WeinsbergballLordship of Welzheim-icon Lordship of WelzheimballLordship of Werden-icon Lordship of WerdenballLordship of Westerburg-icon Lordship of WesterburgballLordship of Wickrath-icon Lordship of WickrathballLordship of Wiesensteig-icon Lordship of WiesensteigballLordship of Wiesentfels-icon Lordship of WiesentfelsballLordship of Wiesentheid-icon Lordship of 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BlumeneggballCounty of Bonndorf-icon County of BonndorfballAustria-icon County of BouillonballCounty of Brauneck-icon County of BrauneckballCounty of Bregenz-icon County of BregenzballCounty of Brehna-icon County of BrehnaballSt George's-icon County of BreisgauballCounty of Bretzenheim-icon County of BretzenheimballBruchhausen-icon County of BruchhausenballCounty of Calvelage-icon County of CalvelageballCounty of Calw-icon County of CalwballCounty of Cappenberg-icon County of CappenbergballCounty of Castell-icon County of CastellballCounty of Castell-icon County of Castell-CastellballCounty of Castell-Remlingen-icon County of Castell-RemlingenballCounty of Castell-Rüdenhausen-icon County of Castell-RüdenhausenballCounty of Cilly-icon County of CillyballDuchy of Cleves-icon County of ClevesballCounty of Dauphiné-icon County of DauphinéballCounty of Degenberg-icon County of DegenbergballCounty of Delmenhorst-icon County of DelmenhorstballCounty of Diepholz-icon County of DiepholzballCounty of Diessen-icon County of DiessenballPrincipality of Dietrichstein-icon County of DietrichsteinballCounty of Diez-icon County of DiezballCounty of Diez-Birstein-icon County of Diez-BirsteinballCounty of Diez-icon County of Diez-WeilnauballCounty of Donzdorf-icon County of DonzdorfballCounty of Drenthe-icon County of DrentheballCounty of East Frisia-icon County of East FrisiaballEberstein-icon County of EbersteinballLordship of Eglofs-icon County of EglofsballCounty of Eilenburg-icon County of EilenburgballCounty of Eppstein-icon County of EppsteinballCounty of Eppstein-Königstein-icon County of Eppstein-KönigsteinballCounty of Eppstein-Münzenberg-icon County of Eppstein-MünzenbergballCounty of Erbach-icon County of ErbachballCounty of Erbach-Breuburg-icon County of Erbach-BreuburgballCounty of Erbach-icon County of Erbach-ErbachballCounty of Erbach-Fürstenau-icon County of Erbach-FürstenauballCounty of Erbach-icon County of Erbach-SchonbergballCounty of Erbach-Wildenstein-icon County of Erbach-WildensteinballCounty of Fagnolle-icon County of FagnolleballCounty of Falkenstein-icon County of FalkensteinballCounty of Feldkirch-icon County of FeldkirchballCounty of Finstingen-icon County of FinstingenballFlanders-icon County of FlandersballSt George's-icon County of Freiburg im BreisgauballCounty of Guastalla-icon County of GuastallaballCounty of Friedberg-icon County of FriedbergballCounty of Kirchberg and Weissenhorn-icon County of Kirchberg and WeissenhornballPrincipality of Fugger-Babenhausen-icon County of Fugger-BabenhausenballCounty of Fugger-Glott-icon County of Fugger-GlottballCounty of Fugger-Kirchheim-icon County of Fugger-KirchheimballCounty of Fürstenberg-icon County of FürstenbergballCounty of Fürstenberg-icon County of Fürstenberg-BaarballCounty of Fürstenberg-Blomberg-icon County of Fürstenberg-BlombergballCounty of Fürstenberg-icon County of Fürstenberg-FürstenbergballCounty of Fürstenberg-Geisingen-icon County of Fürstenberg-GeisingenballCounty of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg-icon County of Fürstenberg-HeiligenbergballCounty of Fürstenberg-Mötzkirch-icon County of Fürstenberg-MötzkirchballUkraine-icon County of GörzballCounty of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen-icon County of Fürstenberg-StühlingenballCounty of Fürstenberg-Weitra-icon County of Fürstenberg-WeitraballCounty of Geneva-icon County of GenevaballBlankenheim-icon County of Gerolstein and BettingenballCounty of Geyer-Giebelstatt-icon County of Geyer-GiebelstattballLordship of Giech-icon County of GiechballLordship of Gimborn-icon County of GimbornballLordship of Gimborn-icon County of Gimborn-NeustadtballCounty of Gleichen-icon County of GleichenballCounty of Gleichenstein-icon County of GleichensteinballCounty of Godesberg-icon County of GodesbergballCounty of Goldineshundare-icon County of GoldineshundareballCounty of Goltstein-icon County of GoltsteinballCounty of Grävenitz-icon County of GrävenitzballCounty of Greyerz-icon County of GreyerzballCounty of Haag-icon County of HaagballCounty of Habsburg-icon County of HabsburgballCounty of Habsburg-Lauffenburg-icon County of Habsburg-LauffenburgballHainaut-icon County of HainautballCounty of Hainburg-icon County of HainburgballCounty of Hallermund-icon County of HallermundballCounty of Hals-icon County of HalsballCounty of Hanau-icon County of HanauballCounty of Hanau-Lichtenberg-icon County of Hanau-LichtenbergballCounty of Hanau-icon County of Hanau-MünzenbergballCounty of Hardegg-icon County of HardeggballCounty of Harrach-icon County of HarrachballLordship of Hatzfeld-icon County of HatzfeldballCounty of Hauenstein-icon County of HauensteinballCounty of Heiligenberg-icon County of HeiligenbergballCounty of Heinsberg-icon County of HeinsbergballCounty of Helffenstein-icon County of HelffensteinballLordship of Herrenzimmern-icon County of HerrenzimmernballCounty of Hegau-icon County of HegauballCounty of Henneberg-icon County of HennebergballBarony of Hillesheim-icon County of HillesheimballCounty of Hochstaden-icon County of HochstadenballCounty of Hohenberg-icon County of HohenbergballCounty of Hohenberg-Altensteig-icon County of Hohenberg-AltensteigballCounty of Hohenberg-Nagold-icon County of Hohenberg-NagoldballCounty of Hohenberg-Rottenburg-icon County of Hohenberg-RottenburgballCounty of Hohenberg-Wildberg-icon County of Hohenberg-WildbergballZuid-Holland-icon County of HollandballCounty of Hohenems-icon County of HohenemsballCounty of Hohenems-icon County of Hohenems-HohenemsballCounty of Vaduz-icon County of Hohenems-VaduzballLordship of Hohengeroldseck-icon County of HohengeroldseckballCounty of Hohenlohe-icon County of HohenloheballCounty of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein-icon County of Hohenlohe-BartensteinballCounty of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen-icon County of Hohenlohe-IngelfingenballCounty of Hohenlohe-icon County of Hohenlohe-KirchbergballCounty of Hohenlohe-Künzelsau-icon County of Hohenlohe-KünzelsauballCounty of Hohenlohe-Langenburg-icon County of Hohenlohe-LangenburgballCounty of Hohenlohe-Möckmühl-icon County of Hohenlohe-MöckmühlballCounty of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-icon County of Hohenlohe-NeuensteinballCounty of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Öhringen-icon County of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-ÖhringenballCounty of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Öhringen-icon County of Hohenlohe-ÖhringenballCounty of Hohenlohe-icon County of Hohenlohe-RöltingenballCounty of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-icon County of Hohenlohe-SchillingsfürstballCounty of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-Weikersheim-icon County of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-WeikersheimballCounty of Hohenlohe-Uffenheim-icon County of Hohenlohe-UffenheimballCounty of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-icon County of Hohenlohe-WaldenburgballCounty of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-icon County of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-SchillingsfürstballCounty of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-Weikersheim-icon County of Hohenlohe-WeikersheimballCounty of Hohenlohe-icon County of Hohenlohe-WernsbergballLordship of Hohenrechberg and Aichen-icon County of Hohenrechberg and AichenballCounty of Hohenzollern-icon County of HohenzollernballCzech SR-icon County of Hohenzollern-HaigerlochballCounty of Hohenzollern-Hechingen-icon County of Hohenzollern-HechingenballCounty of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen-icon County of Hohenzollern-SigmaringenballCounty of Hohnstein-icon County of HohnsteinballCounty of Holstein-icon County of HolsteinballCounty of Holzapfel-icon County of HolzapfelballCounty of Horburg-icon County of HorburgballCounty of Horne-icon County of HorneballCounty of Hoya-icon County of HoyaballCounty of Isenburg-icon County of IsenburgballCounty of Isenburg-Büdingen-icon County of Isenburg-BüdingenballPrincipality of Isenburg-Birstein-icon County of Isenburg-Büdingen-BirsteinballCounty of Isenburg-Cleberg-icon County of Isenburg-ClebergballCounty of Isenburg-icon (minor) County of Isenburg-GrenzauballCounty of Isenburg-icon (minor) County of Isenburg-Limburg-CovernballCounty of Isenburg-icon (minor) County of Isenburg-MarienbornballCounty of Isenburg-Meerholz-icon County of Isenburg-MeerholzballCounty of Isenburg-Offenbach-icon County of Isenburg-OffenbachballCounty of Isenburg-icon (minor) County of Isenburg-PhilippseichballCounty of Isenburg-Wächtersbach-icon County of Isenburg-WächtersbachballCounty of Jülich-icon County of JülichballCounty of Käfernburg-icon County of KäfernburgballCounty of Kall-icon County of KallballCounty of Katzenelnbogen-icon County of KatzenelnbogenballCounty of Kerpen-icon County of KerpenballCounty of Klettgau-icon County of KlettgauballLordship of Knyphausen-icon County of KnyphausenballLordship of Königsegg-icon County of KönigseggballLordship of Königsegg-icon County of Königsegg-AulendorfballLordship of Königsegg-Rothenfels-icon County of Königsegg-RothenfelsballCounty of Königsfeld-icon County of KönigsfeldballCounty of Kriechingen-icon County of KriechingenballDuchy of Kuefstein-icon County of Kuefstein-GreillensteinballCounty of Kyburg-icon County of KyburgballCounty of Laurenburg-icon County of LaurenburgballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of LeiningenballCounty of Leiningen-Billigheim-icon County of Leiningen-BilligheimballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of Dagsburg and AspremontballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of Leiningen-DachsburgballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of Leiningen-HartenburgballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of Leiningen-LeiningenballCounty of Leiningen-icon County of Leiningen-NeuburgballCounty of Leiningen-Westerburg-icon County of Leiningen-WesterburgballLordship of Leyen-icon County of LeyenballCounty of Lichtenberg-icon County of LichtenbergballCounty of Ligne-icon County of LigneballCounty of Limburg-icon County of LimburgballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-BroichballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-HohelimburgballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-StyrumballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-Styrum-BorkelöballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-Styrum-BronchhorstballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-Styrum-Bronchhorst-BorkelöballCounty of Limburg-icon County of Limburg-Styrum-GemenballDuchy of Brunswick-icon County of Schwarzburg-SondershausenballCounty of Limpurg-icon County of LimpurgballCounty of Bentheim-Lingen-icon County of LingenballMoravia-icon County of LippeballMoravia-icon County of Lippe-DetmoldballCounty of Loon-icon County of LoonballCounty of Löwenstein-icon County of LöwensteinballCounty of Löwenstein-Wertheim-icon County of Löwenstein-WertheimballCounty of Lower Isenburg-icon County of Lower IsenburgballCounty of Lower Salm-icon County of Lower SalmballCounty of Lower Schönburg-icon County of Lower SchönburgballLordship of Manderscheid-icon County of ManderscheidballLordship of Blankenheim-Schleiden-icon County of Manderscheid-SchleidenballCounty of Mansfeld-icon County of MansfeldballCounty of Mark-icon County of MarkballCounty of Matsch-icon County of MatschballCounty of Megen-icon County of MegenballLordship of Moers-icon County of MoersballCounty of Mons-icon County of MonsballCounty of Montbéliard-icon County of MontbéliardballCounty of Montfort-icon County of MontfortballCounty of Montfort-icon County of Montfort-MontfortballCounty of Namur-icon County of NamurballFranche-Comté-icon County of NassauballFranche-Comté-icon County of Nassau-DillenburgballCounty of Nassau-Hadamar-icon County of Nassau-HadamarballFranche-Comté-icon County of Nassau-OrangeballCounty of Nassau-Siegen-icon County of Nassau-SiegenballDuchy of Nassau-icon County of Nassau-UsingenballCounty of Nassau-Weilburg-icon County of Nassau-WeilburgballCounty of Naugard-icon County of NaugardballCounty of Neipperg-icon County of NeippergballBruchhausen-icon County of Neu-BruchhausenballCounty of Neuchâtel-icon County of NeuchâtelballCounty of Neu-Eberstein-icon County of Neu-EbersteinballCounty of Neuenahr-icon County of NeuenahrballCounty of Neu-Katzenelnbogen-icon County of Neu-KatzenelnbogenballCounty of Nidda-icon County of NiddaballCounty of Nienburg-icon County of NienburgballCounty of Northeim-icon County of NortheimballLordship of Nostitz-icon County of NostitzballCounty of Nürnburg-icon County of NürburgballCounty of Oberbronn-icon County of OberbronnballLordship of Oberstein-icon County of ObersteinballCounty of Oldenburg-icon County of OldenburgballCounty of Orange-icon County of OrangeballCounty of Orlamünde-icon County of OrlamündeballLordship of Gräfenthal-icon County of Orlamünde-Gräfenthalball • • Lordship of Gräfenthal-icon County of Orlamünde-Gräfenthal-LichtenkammballCounty of Orlamünde-Lauenstein-icon County of Orlamünde-LauensteinballCounty of Orlamünde-Lauenstein-icon County of Orlamünde-Lauenstein-SchaunforstballCounty of Orlamünde-icon County of Orlamünde-LichtentanneballCounty of Orlamünde-icon County of Orlamünde-PlassenburgballCounty of Orlamünde-icon County of Orlamünde-WeimarballCounty of Orlamünde-Wiehe-icon County of Orlamünde-WieheballCounty of Orlamünde-icon County of OrlamündeballPrincipality of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg-icon County of Orsini and RosenbergballCounty of Foix-icon County of ProvenceballCounty of Ortenburg-icon County of OrtenburgballCounty of Ortenburg-icon County of Ortenburg-AltortenburgballCounty of Ortenburg-icon County of Ortenburg-CarinthiaballCounty of Ortenburg-icon County of Ortenburg-DorfbachballCounty of Ortenburg-icon County of Ortenburg-NeuortenburgballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of ÖttingenballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of Öttingen-BaldernballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of Öttingen-FlochbergballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of Öttingen-ÖttingenballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of Öttingen-SpielbergballCounty of Öttingen-icon County of Öttingen-WallersteinballCounty of Palatinate-Birkenfeld-icon County of Palatinate-BirkenfeldballCounty of Palatinate-Bischweiler-icon County of Palatinate-BischweilerballCounty of Palatinate-Gelnhausen-icon County of Palatinate-GelnhausenballCounty of Palatinate-Hilpolstein-icon County of Palatinate-HilpolsteinballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-KleeburgballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-LandsbergballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-LautereckballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-LützelsteinballImperial Free City of Mosbach-icon County of Palatinate-MosbachballCounty of Palatinate-Neuburg-icon County of Palatinate-NeuburgballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-NeumarktballElectorate of Bavaria-icon County of Palatinate-SimmernballCounty of Palatinate-Sulzbach-icon County of Palatinate-SulzbachballCounty of Palatinate-Veldenz-icon County of Palatinate-VeldenzballCounty of Palatinate-Vohenstrauss-icon County of Palatinate-VohenstraussballCounty of Palatinate-Zweibrücken-icon County of Palatinate-ZweibrückenballLordship of Pappenheim-icon County of PappenheimballCounty of Parkstein-icon County of ParksteinballCounty of Platen Hallermund-icon County of Platen HallermundballLordship of Plettenberg-icon County of PlettenbergballLordship of Plettenberg-icon County of Plettenberg-LenhausenballLordship of Plettenberg-icon County of Plettenberg-WittemballCounty of Pücker and Limpurg-icon County of Pückler and LimpurgballCounty of Pyrmont-icon County of PyrmontballCounty of Pyrmont-icon (in Eifel) County of PyrmontballCounty of Quadt-icon County of QuadtballCounty of Rantzau-icon County of RantzauballLordship of Rapperswil-icon County of RapperswilballLordship of Rappoltstein-icon County of RappoltsteinballCounty of Ravensberg-icon County of RavensbergballLordship of Osterberg-icon County of RechbergballLordship of Osterberg-icon County of Rechberg and RothenlöwenballCounty of Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld-icon County of Rechteren-Limpurg-SpeckfeldballCounty of Reckheim-icon County of ReckheimballCounty of Regenstein-icon County of RegensteinballLordship of Reichelsberg-icon County of ReichelsbergballCounty of Reichenstein-icon County of ReichensteinballCounty of Reuß-icon County of ReußballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-BergballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-EbersdorfballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-GeraballGermany-icon County of Reuß-GreizballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-HirschbergballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-HofballCounty of Reuß-Lobenstein-icon County of Reuß-LobensteinballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-Ober-GreizballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-Osterstein-RonnebergballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-PlauenballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-SaalburgballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-SchleizballWest Sumatra-icon County of Reuß-SelbitzballCounty of Reuß-icon County of Reuß-Unter-GreizballFlemish Brabant-icon County of Reuß-WeidaballCounty of Rickingen-icon County of RickingenballLordship of Rieneck-icon County of RieneckballCounty of Rietberg-icon County of RietbergballCounty of Rochefort-icon County of RochefortballLordship of Roggendorf-icon County of RoggendorfballCounty of Rothenfels-icon County of RothenfelsballLordship of Runkel-icon County of RunkelballCounty of Ruppin-icon County of RuppinballCounty of Saarbrücken-icon County of SaarbrückenballCounty of Saarwerden and Lahr-icon County of Saarwerden and LahrballCounty of Salm-icon County of SalmballLordship of Badenweiler-icon County of Salm-BadenweilerballCounty of Blankenburg-icon County of Salm-BlankenburgballCounty of Salm-Dhaun-icon County of Salm-DhaunballCounty of Salm-Horstmar-icon County of Salm-HorstmarballRhinegraviate of Salm-Kyrburg-icon County of Salm-KyrburgballAltgraviate of Salm-Reifferscheid-icon County of Salm-ReifferscheidballAltgraviate of Salm-Reifferscheid-icon County of Salm-Reifferscheid-BedburballAltgraviate of Salm-Reifferscheid-icon County of Salm-Reifferscheid-DyckballAltgraviate of Salm-Reifferscheid-icon County of Salm-Reifferscheid-HainsbachballAltgraviate of Salm-Reifferscheid-icon County of Salm-Reifferscheid-RaitzballCounty of Salm-icon County of Salm-SalmballCounty of Sargans-icon County of SargansballCounty of Sayn-icon County of SaynballCounty of Sayn-icon County of Sayn-AltenkirchenballCounty of Sayn-icon County of Sayn-HachenburgballCounty of Sayn-icon County of Sayn-SaynballCounty of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg-icon County of Sayn-Wittgenstein-BerleburgballCounty of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hachenburg-icon County of Sayn-Wittgenstein-HachenburgballCounty of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein-icon County of Sayn-Wittgenstein-HohensteinballCounty of Sayn-icon County of Sayn-Wittgenstein-SaynballCounty of Schaumburg-icon County of SchaumburgballMoravians-icon County of Schaumburg-LippeballCounty of Holstein-icon County of Schaumburg and Holstein-RendsburgballLordship of Schaunberg-icon County of SchaunbergballLordship of Scheer-icon County of ScheerballLordship of Schlitz gennant von Görtz-icon Lordship of Schlitz gennant von GörtzballCounty of Schönburg-icon County of SchönburgballCounty of Schönburg-Hinterglauchau-icon County of Schönburg-HinterglauchauballCounty of Schönburg-Rochsburg-icon County of Schönburg-RochsburgballCounty of Schönburg-Wechselburg-icon County of Schönburg-WechselburgballCounty of Schwalenberg-icon County of SchwalenbergballCounty of Schwalenberg-icon County of Schwalenberg-SternbergballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of SchwarzburgballDuchy of Brunswick-icon County of Schwarzburg-ArnstadtballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-BlankenburgballCounty of Schwarzburg-Ebeleben-icon County of Schwarzburg-EbelebenballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-FrankenhausenballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-KäfernburgballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-LeutenbergballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-RabenwaldballDuchy of Brunswick-icon County of Schwarzburg-RudolstadtballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of SchwarzburgballCounty of Schwarzburg-icon County of Schwarzburg-WachsenburgballLordship of Schwarzenberg-icon County of SchwarzenbergballCounty of Schwarzgraviate-icon County of SchwarzgraviateballCounty of Schwerin-icon County of SchwerinballLordship of Segenberg-icon County of SegenbergballCounty of Sickingen-icon County of SickingenballCounty of Sinzendorf-icon County of SinzendorfballCounty of Sinzendorf-Ernstbrunn-icon County of Sinzendorf-ErnstbrunnballCounty of Solms-icon County of SolmsballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-Alt-PuchballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-AssenheimballCounty of Solms-Baruth-icon County of Solms-BaruthballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-Baruth upon Klitschdorf and WehrauballCounty of Solms-Braunfels-icon County of Solms-BraunfelsballCounty of Waldburg-Sonnenburg-icon County of Waldburg-SonnenburgballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-Burg-SolmsballCounty of Solms-Braunfels-icon County of Solms-GreifensteinballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-HohensolmsballCounty of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich-icon County of Solms-Hohensolms-LichballCounty of Zweibrücken-icon County of ZweibrückenballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-HungenballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-KotizballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-KurwitzballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-LaubachballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-LichballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-OttensteinballCounty of Solms-Rödelheim-icon County of Solms-RödelheimballCounty of Solms-Rödelheim-icon County of Solms-Rödelheim-AssenheimballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-RösaballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-SachsenfeldballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-SonnenwaldeballCounty of Solms-icon County of Solms-UtpheballCounty of Solms-Wildenfels-icon County of Solms-Wildenfelsball