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Kingdom of Italyball is a former country. He is Italy-icon Italyball in his youth, before he became a Republic.


In 1861 Italy unificated, under the kingdom of Savoy's house. In those years ,Italy and Austria-Hungary were basically in an ongoing war, which erupted into WW1.

Italy also removed kebab from Libya and Rhodes in 1912.

In 1925 he became a fascist Duce, makings his trains run on time and vowing to become the new SPQR-icon SPQRball. Viva il Duce! He then showed his strength by invading the defenseless and starving Ethiopiaball. Nazi Germanyball admired him as a role model, and they became friends, though argued over who would get to Anschluss Austriaball. Later Italy joined (or rather got dragged into) WW2, but did very poorly, getting beaten up by Greeceball and later invaded by 'Muricans and allies.

In 1947, The Kingdom of Italy became a Republic.

Italian Empireball Edit

Kingdom of Italyball colonised civilised some part of Africa.

Today, they're independent states (Libyaball, Ethiopiaball, Eritreaball, Somaliaball).

Gallery Edit

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