The Kingdom of Israelcube was an ancient countryballcube in the Middle East. It can also be used to represent ancient Hebrews.

It can be portrayed as a Jewcube if under The rule of David or Solomon, since the six point star represents them.


The kingdom of Israelcube evolved from a caveball after adopting Judaism as its religion. Afterwards, he escaped Egyptball, occupied Canaan and established a theocratic union of jewish tribes, who turns in a kingdom after. He died in 930 BC and split into the Kingdom of Judahcube and the Kingdom of Israelcube (better known as kingdom of Samariacube).

Today it is a part of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Israel/Palestine.



Kingdom of Sababall - he gib gold

Ancient Egyptball (Sometimes) - good trade partner


Aram-Damascusball, Mohavball, Ammonball, Edomball - Good anschluss victims

Ancient Egyptball (sometimes) - you slaved me, motherfucker

How to draw

As Kingdom of Israel

Drawing the Kingdom of Israelcube is simple.

  1. Draw a transparent or white cube/hypercube
  2. Draw a black Menorah on the front or above.
  3. Draw the eyes and you're finished!

As a standar jewcube

  1. Draw a transparent cube/hypercube
  2. Draw a blue Star of David on the front.
  3. Draw the eyes and you're finished!
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