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Kingdom of Franceball was the super epic name of Franceball during her endless adolescence. So we can say that she was an historical countryball, politically. She had a revolution in 1789 and was designed into a constitutional monarchy and a republic in 1792. She became the Napoleonic Franceball to propagate her new ideas and make some conqests as she regularly do. She likes to say "Let them eat cake".


  • Old Franceball has a short temper.
  • Old Franceball also has a great interest for hugs (even today in fact)!
  • Old Franceball loves to build new countryballs as vassals to have more slaves.
  • Old Franceball loves to crusade against kebabs.
  • Old Franceball loves offering lands to Englishball and resumes it after to see him cry, heh heh!
  • Old Franceball used to enjoy sniffing parfum.
  • Old Franceball loved to build cathedrals during her free times.

How to draw

Draw Kingdom of France is of simple:

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Color it blue
  3. Draw 3 fleurs-des-lis

Add the eyes and you're done