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Ancient Rusball, also known as pre-Mongolian Rusball, Ancient Russian Stateball, Rusball, Ρωσίαball ("Russiaball") or Kievan Rusball was a mighty countryball in Eastern Europe. He sprouts EAST SLAVIC POWER!! He was a somewhat loose confederation.

History Edit

He was founded by Vikings from Skandinavia and the Slavs that lived in the area.He used to follow Slavic Paganism but converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988 AD and became friends with Byzantineball.In 1054 Yarislav the wise died and the Kievan Rus began to weaken.In 1240 the Mongols from the eastern steppes of Mongolia invaded and killed the Kievan Rus.

Nowadays, all his clay belong to Russiaball, Ukraineball and Belarusball.

Russiaball and Ukraineball have a conflict, because both of them recognize themselves as only successors of Ancient Rus. In past all recognized Russiaball as only successor of Kievan Rusball through Vladimir-Suzdalball and Grand Duchy of Muscowball and that he had Rus's culture, but when Ukraineball become independent, he said that he is only son of Kievan Rusball, because Kievball and several others old Russian cities are on his territory. Ukraineball also says that Russiaball rewrote history and is successor of Golden Hordeball, because a lot of Russian land are on Horde's old territory. Russiaball says that Ukraineball is and not real nation, Rus's moving in East is historical fact that Golden Hordeball's lands were conquered/peacefully taken by him. When Ukraineball was part of Russiaball his name was "Little Russiaball" and Russiaball called himself "Great Russiaball", because it is traditional way to call old and new political centers. Also Russiaball have many others old Russian cities, for example Veliky Novgorodball, that was ac apital city before Kievball and Old Ladogababall, that was a capital before him and where Rus was founded as a state.

Belarusball wants pease and according to him they all together are Rus. Let's hug!

How to draw Edit

Draw Kievan Rusball is simple:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Draw a yellow tryzub
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.
  4. But remember that these colors are not used by Rus in history and are taken from modern Ukraineball, because noone clearly knows, wich colors Kievan Rus really used.


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