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The Commonwealth of Kentuckyball is the 15th state spawned by USAball.


Kentuckyball can into many things despite reputation. It can into whiskey, horses, ginger ale, meth, fried chicken, obesity, and cars. Many may not know it but Kentuckyball contributed to USball's greatest afflicion or even caused it maybe.

Kentuckyball generally gets along well with its neighbors, although things get weird at the Ohio border.  OhioRawr makes fun of Kentuckyball, but OhioRawr sneaks across border to buying cheap smokes and good booze when Kentuckyball not looking.  Then sneaks back and makes fun of Kentuckyball again. Tennesseeball is of good friends with Kentuckyball as they share many things in common.

The GoodEdit

As listed above, Kentuckyball can into many things. It is also a very pretty state to be in. Get away from the hambeasts in wal-mart and the scenery is very pleasing. Kentuckyball holds USball's gold supply in a place called Fort Knox. He also holds enough chemical weapons in the Bluegrass Army Depot to wipe out the entire eastern half of USball.   Kentuckyball have best horses, best bourbon, best tobbacco, and almost best basketball.

The BadEdit

Kentuckyball has never been too sure about the cheeseburger thing. He probably deserves guilt but feels he cannot be blamed for USball's inability to eat or drink in moderation. And besides it's not like the rest of the relevant world doesn't eat them.

Kentuckyball has one major flaw holding it back. People too lazy to drive to next county to buy booze.  Old people of the bible belt. They simply cannot into freedom. They like to vote away others' choices over whether or not to be able to buy drinks in different areas. All because of their book of stuff that arguably happened in the desert.

This doesn't neccessarily sit well with Louisvilleball, who is liberal.  8Balls in Lousivilleball keep shooting each other, which rest of Kentuckyball not like.  Kentuckyball not like Lousivilleball much.  Not even Louisvilleball like Louisvilleball much.

Speaking of being able to into freedom, Kentuckyball can into freedom in the end. It is just slow to do it, as shown with it still dealing with prohibition. No worries, though. Kentuckyball always shows up for freedoms, just very late to the party.

Kentuckyball also have problem with sinkholes, many of his clay are built on karst landscape.

Trivia Edit

  • The driving fuel (cheeseburgers) of USAball was invented in Louisville in 1934.
  • Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president and the president that freed the slaves freed exactly nobody and fought for the USAball in the American Civil War, was born in Kentuckyball.
  • Jefferson Davis, President of CSAball during Mr. Lincoln's War and fighting against Lincoln, was also born in Kentuckyball.
  • Some ignorant people say Kentuckyball was for USAball during Mr. Lincoln's War, but not true.  Kentuckyball actually have two recognized governments and two formal armies - one for USAball, one for CSAball.
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), a widespread fast food chain mainly specialized in fried chicken, was started in Kentuckyball. KFC is loved by USAball, Japanball, and of course, Kentuckyball.

Gallery Edit

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