Kemetismball is the ancient pagan religion of Ancient Egyptball. His knownest monument are the Pyramids. He was followed for over 4,000 years, and lasted one of the longest out of the different Paganismballs of the Eastern hemisphere when Christianityball came to power, even travelling as far as UKball. Was pretty much dead for many centuries, before being slowly revived once his hieroglyphs were decoded. Today he is more likely to be found away from his original sand, hanging out with Wiccaball, but he's not exactly the same as before.

Central to his belief system is the keeping of balance (Ma'at) between order and chaos, as well as light and darkness and other aspects of life. He is also big into preparing for afterlife, and making mummies. He has many gods, some of which take each other's jobs sometimes. He was eclectic, different regions of Egyptball had different gods, and sometimes they would merge with each other (for example, two sun gods from different parts of Egypt, Amun and Ra, eventually became Amun-Ra). When Ancient Greeceball took over some of his gods even fused with those of Hellenismball. Certain aspects of his beliefs, such as the virgin birth, the death and resurrection of a god and the ten commandments from Christianity and Judaism, might have been directly lifted from his religion.


  • Atenismball - Evil monotheist. Remove!
  • Coptball - Yuo burned my library !!!! But yuo cannot kill me. Ha!!!
    Egyptian Paganismball-0

    Egyptian Paganismball on ISISball (with Wiccaball and Christianityball)

  • Wiccaball - My friend, who thinks Isis is an aspect of her "Divine Feminine" goddess. I don't think she understands the real me sometimes, but she thinks she does. At least she remembers who I am and sorta believes in me (but she always friend-zone's me, sigh).
  • ISISball - Stole my goddesses name! Damn them to the fiery pits of Duat, may Ammit the Devourer feast on their hearts!
  • Sunball - Almighty Ra, or sometimes Horus, or sometimes Amun-Ra! (But never Aten!)
  • Moonball - Almighty Thoth! Or sometimes Hathor!
  • Egyptball - Evil monotheists drove me away from my sand. I may return one day, but that day is not today.

How to draw

Draw Kemetismball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape with a yellow Eye of Horus in the center. Some prefer to use an ankh.
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


Egyptian Paganism

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