"Not everything is flat in Kansas!"- Kansasball

Kansasball is a Central State of USAball. His clay is in black and white, mainly consisting of plains and farms. Kansasball is home of Superman to the Jayhawks of college basketball and is rivals with Wichitaball and Kentuckyball. He founded on January 29, 1861.

He has Hockey team in Wichitaball called Wichita Thunder, and has lots of wheat. He also can into Wizard of Oz!


Kansasball was a 3ball adopted by USAball. He was admitted to the Union in 1861. Was constantly attacked by Missouri in the US Civil war. Had a city burnt down by Confederates in 1864.


  • Saskatchewanball - Wheat & farming buddy! I wish he was my neighbor instead of Missouriball! They can both into flat land too!
  • Nebraskaball - Neighbor. They both like to farm and hate tornadoes. Also flat there!
  • Wichitaball - Best son! He can into aircraft. The first Pizza Hut was founded there too!
  • Oklahomaball - I can feel his earthquakes.
  • Missouriball - Why the fuck is Kansas City in his clay instead of mine?!?! WHY IS IT CALLED KANSAS CITY?!!.
  • Coloradoball - Mountains and weed.
  • Nova Scotiaball - We talk during family dinners.

How to draw

Like almost every US state, Kansasball is only a coat of arms on a blue background:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
  2. Draw the seal of Kansas with a sunflower on it
  3. Draw the golden script KANSAS under it
  4. Draw the eyes
  5. Draw a Westboro sign and you've finished

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