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Kalinigradball also known as Königsbergball or Prussiaball is a fragment created from the destruction of Kingdom of Prussiaball until the end of World War II, and now part of Russia as Kaliningrad Oblast, Lithuania as Klaipeda (aka Memel) Region and Poland as the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. While he does reside in the Old Prussian territory, Kaliningradball no longer resembles any of the traits of Prussiaball, the aforementioned Slavic powers having expelled all the Prussians to their Western territory in Brandenburg now known as Germanyball but will into Germanyball and get Prussiaball's traits again soon. Or Germanyball kidnapped me if World War 3 start! But I do have German seeping into me. I might become New Prussia before WWIII starts!

History Edit

1990 When Russia was poor he wanted to sell me back to Germany for 2 Million Euro, but germany did not want it. WHY mein Vater ?!





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