Jupiterball is a gas giantball and the largest planet of the Solar System. He protects Earth from comets or asteroids that came from the asteroid belt (Sometimes he won't, because Earth makes some dumb decisions to conquer the solar system so Jupiter will throw always a asteroid into Earth's face), Jupiter is very big, Jupiter's red spot actually is as big as 2 Earths in comparison. His spot is actually a storm which is now shrinking, but a new one might show up some time later. He has one ring, which is less known because Earth ignores it's existence and doesn't draw it onto pictures. He might (just barely) be a brown dwarfball (Or "failed starballs")

Jupiter is currently being invaded visited by a probe named Juno, it had succeeded it's mission to Jupiter. The probe is designed to understand the beginning of the Solar System and the evolution of Jupiter.


Jewpitercube is a cubic version of the planet, referring to the similarity of Jupiter with Jewpiter, and of course all Jewish nations are cubes in reference to the hypercube, a four dimensional shape created by a Jewish scientist (See Israelcube for more info).


  • Earth-iconEarthball - I protect u but stop senting probes, and specially how goes inside me (Earth replies: JUPITER DON'T LIE!! YOU FIND THEM DELICIOUS! But am sorry for nukings you! It was stupid USA-iconUSAball's fault!)
  • Sun-iconSunball - Second biggest, jupiter can into star relevance!
  • Venus-iconVenusball - i've heard that your deception and hell
  • Saturn-iconSaturnball - We have a lot in common, BUT YOU HAVE FANCY RINGS ARRHHGGGHH!!
  • Uranus-iconUranusball - your name actually makes alot of sense to me
  • Pluto-iconPlutoball - do not disturb Sun-iconSolball, or he will sell you


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