Judaismcube (also Jewcube or Jube) is the first religion that claims to be the first one who believes in one God-icon God. His son is Christian-icon Christianityball of which he does not know why is a ball He was the first Abrahamic religionballcube, and all the others have at least a version of his Torah as part of their holy book. He is a conservative that never recognized Jesus and after that Muhammad. It is a cube because of Jewish physics


  • Christian-icon Christianityball (Son) - Is blaspheme!! Nobody forgib sins! Although, he reveres me as a father, so he is okay.
  • Islam-icon Islamball (Son) - Why are you anti-Semitic sometimes? Do you consider that "angel" yuo claim you saw could have been demonic? Or do you blame me for the plight of Palestinians?
  • The True Father

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