Judaismcube (also Jewcube or Jube) is the first religion that claims to be the first one who believes in one God-icon God. His son is Christian-icon Christianityball (of which he does not know why is a ball). He was the first Abrahamic religionballcube, and all the others have at least a version of his Torah as part of their holy book. He is a conservative that never recognized Jesus and after that Muhammad. It is a cube because of Jewish physics


  • Christian-icon Christianityball (Son) - Is blaspheme!! Nobody forgib sins! Although, he reveres me as a father, so he is okay.
  • Islam-icon Islamball (Son) - His laws are Almost similar like Me. He do Kosher law or halal in his conseption(he is anti pork). He doesnt recognise the crucification of Jesus. We just have one problem with me, the palestinian land which brought us to a bigger problem. But Why are you anti-Semitic sometimes? Do you consider that "angel" yuo claim you saw could have been demonic? Or do you blame me for the plight of Palestinians?
  • The True Father

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