On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and Establishing Juche in Ideological Work!
— Kim Il-Sung in 1955

Jucheball aka Kimilsungismball is a political thesis created by the Soviet Unionball for North Koreaball. Its purpose is to brainwash the citizens of the DPRKball with quite bizarre propaganda. Some people believe that, due to it's nature, Jucheball qualifies as a Religionball.


Official North Korean sources say that Jucheball was created by the illustrious Kim Il-Sung. Kim Il-Sung created Jucheball after his liberation struggle against Japan in 1930. However, the reliability of this is questionable. Some say that Jucheball was created by Soviet Unionball for Kim Il-Sung to use.

The ideology of Jucheball relies on self-sufficiency. The idea is that if North Koreaball never interacts with the outside world, true communism can be reached. Supporters of Jucheball believe that all other forms of communism are inherently flawed, and that a truly socialist state can only exist without trading or interacting with capitalists or "inferior" communists. Supporters of Jucheball also believe that the entire world is out to destroy North Koreaball, and that since the fall of the Soviet Unionball, Koreans cannot rely on any outside help.

Kim-Il Sung claimed that the ideas of Jucheball were applicable around the world, not just in North Koreaball. The NepalRawr Workers Peasants Party claims that Jucheball influenced their governance of Bhaktapurball. Tokyoball even has a Jucheball Research Centre (founded in 1978) designed to spread international research of Juche.


Jucheball has the best intentions in mind, but his execution (pun not intended) isn't exactly the best. Jucheball is delusional, believing that the entire world wants him dead. In a misguided sense of morality, Jucheball tries his best to protect the people of North Koreaball from the outside world.