Javakhetiball (also known as Javakhball) is a historical regionball in Georgiaball, is part of Samtskhe-Javakhetiball.


Born as 2ball, History of Javakhetiball starts when proto-Georgian tribe Moschis settled on these lands. It was first part of Diauehiball, but Urartuball conquered it back in 7th century BC. After Urartuball, territory of Javakhetiball was anschlussed by Achaemenidball and later, in 301 BC, when Kingdom of Iberiaball gained it's independence, Javakhetiball ball was one of the 8 duchies of the kingdom, with the capital Tsundaball. Sadly Iberiaball became weak and lost Javakhetiball to Ancient Armeniaball in 189 BC. Happily it was regained by Iberiaball after almost 300 years! In 326 AD, Saint Nino, who converted all georgians tp Christianityball entered Georgia from Javakhetiball, she lived in village of Pokaball near Paravani Lake. Here she learned Georgian and converted all of Javakhetiball to "new faith" (Town of Ninotsminda is named after her). When Iberiaball was killed, all of western Georgia was incorporated into Byzantine Empireball until late 9th century, when Kingdom of Tao-Klarjeti separated from Byzantiumball and Javakhetiball being part of it. Later Javakhetiball was part of united Kingdom of Georgiaball. During the Golden age of Kingdom of Georgiaball, greatest georgian king David IV, established a new trade route Akhaltsikhe-Akhalkalaki-Mtskheta, which made Javakhetiball along with his brother Samtskheball one of the richest regionballs of Georgia. Javakhetiball was favorite provinceball of queen Tamar, she built the famous cave-city Vardzia and cave monastery complex Vanis Kvabebi. After the golden age ended, cities of Javakhetiball and Samtskheball were heavily damaged by Mongols and Turks. In 1268 Javakhetiball was incorporated into Samtskhe-Saatabagoball. In 1490, after dissolution of Kingdom of Georgiaball, Samtskhe-Saatabagoball became independent and ruled by house of Jaqeli. Soon, in 1625 it was anschlussed and islamised by Ottoman Empireball. Many mosques were built during ottoman period, until Russian Empireball conquered Javakhetiball in 1829 and renamed it to Akhalkalaki Uyezdball. General Ivan Paskevich thought muslim-georgian population would be dangerous to the empire, especially when it borders with Kebab empire. In december 4th of 1829, he made deal with Ottomanball, exchanging georgian muslim majority population of Akhalkalaki Uyezd for equal amount of christian armenians from Kars Eyaletball, Erzurum Eyaletball and Bayazid Eyaletball. The deal happened, 14 000 georgian muslim families were moved into depths of Ottoman Empireball, while 14 000 Armenian families from Western Armeniaball moved to Akhalkalaki Uyezd. After treaty of Brest-Litovsk, DR Georgiaball declared it's independence in Tiflis Governorateball (Now predominantly armenian Javakhetiball was part of it), Kutaisi Governorateball, Zakatali Okrugball, Batumi Oblastball, Sukhumi Okrugball and Ardahan and Olty districts of Kars Oblastball. Because of Treaty of Batum, DR Georgiaball ceded Javakhetiball, along with other his territories, to Ottoman Empireball, but Ottomans lost the WW1, so DR Georgiaball was able to retake his clays. In december 7th of 1918, First Republic of Armeniaball invaded DR Georgiaball to take Javakhetiball and Loreball, well, he failed, however UKball (Who was allied to Armenians) saw Loreball as a confusing region, and created "Neutral zone of Lore" administered by both Georgian and Armenian goverments. Soon south Caucasia was sovietized by Russian SFSRball, and Javakheti stayed part of Georgian SSRball, while Loreball became part of Armenian SSRball.

Today, Javakhetiball is made of 3 districts, Aspindza Municipalityball, Akhalkalaki Municipalityball and Ninotsminda Municipalityball, two of them (Akhalkalakiball and NInotsmindaball) are majority armenian. Huge part of local armenians would like to be part of Armeniaball (separatists even adopted nordic flag!), but Georgiaball will not allow that.


  1. Samtskheball (Brother)
  2. Georgiaball (Father)
  3. Georgian SSRball (Grandfather)
  4. Samtskhe-Saatabagoball (Grand Grandfather)
  5. Kingdom of Georgiaball (Grand Grand Grandfather)
  6. Kingdom of Iberiaball (Grand Grand Grand Grandfather)
  7. Urartuball (Grand Step Ancestor)
  8. Diauehiball (Grand Grand Grand Grand Grandmother)
  9. Colchisball (Grand Grand Grand Grand Grandfather)