Javakhetiball (also known as Javakhball) is an Armenian separatist region of Georgiaball. Is within Samtskhe-Javakhetiball, but sometimes wishes to be part of Armeniaball. He cannot into Nordic


Urartuball called him Zabakhaball in 785 BC, his earliest mention. After Urartuball fell Javakhkball became part of Great Armenia in the province of Gugarkball and has existed since before the fall of the dynasty in 428 AD. He has always been of Armo Lavash, but rarely part of Armeniaball's clay throughout the later centuries, falling under Georgiaball's jurisdiction.

In 1918 First Republic of Armeniaball and DR Georgiaball fought over him. The fighting ended when Sovietball consumed everyone involved. After independence, Georgiaball made Javakhetiball fuse with Samtskheball, probably in an effort to silence him. Armeniaball has his hands too full with liberating Nagorno-Karabakhball so is letting Georgiaball have Javakh for now.

Javakhetiball feels ignored, under-represented and neglected by Georgiaball. He has stated that he might rebel if Georgiaball allows Turkeyball to build military bases on his clay.


Armeniaball, Nagorno-Karabakhball, Western Armeniaball - BROS

Nairiball - Mother

Armenia SSRball - Father

Ancient Armeniaball - Grand-Father

Urartuball - Great-Grand-Father

Hayasa-Azziball - Great(3x) Grand-Father

Georgiaball - Adoptive father

Samtskheball - Step-brother

How to draw

Draw Javakhetiball isn't difficult:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two halves, red on top and orange on bottom.
  2. Draw a blue cross over the circle with white outlines.
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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