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“Senpai noticed me!”
“Here comes the plane.”
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Japanball (日本球) is nowadays a kawaii area desu. Before it mighty starving empire. Japanboru get rotsa money nowadays through great invention carred hentai anime. It's the Only Holy land of Animes and Kawaii. He is famous for video games like Sonic, Kirby, Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, etc.

Japanball is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball.

His birthday (national day) is in 11 February. His astrological sign is Aquarius.

History Edit

Like all historically existed formal regimes in Japan, his 'leader de jure' is the Kousitsu-ball (皇室球), the Japanese Imperial Family ball, founded since BC660, the age of Jimmu (神武).

After the WW2, Kousitsu-ball became the 'symbolic

File:Japanball by the wet onion-d5alf1s.png

leader', not anymore the 'leader de facto'. But it's true that Kousitsu-ball had been, and is still the leader de jure of Japanball since BC660.

At first, Japanball used Shinto before learning about Buddhism-iconBuddhismball. He started having emperors and eventually became a samurai. One day Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball tried to take Japanball's clay but couldn't because of mighty Kamikazee typhoon (神風) . Japanball's fathers, Edoball and Shogunateball, were reclusive hermits, until one day in 1853 his godfather USA-icon USAball arrived, and taught him how to modernize, and in 1868 Japanball started trading with other European countryballs as well, but Kingdom of Prussia-icon Germany had yellow fever (not a real disease). He also started to build up a large army and navy, using it to capture Okinawa in 1873, and the Kuril Islands in 1875. In 1894, Japanball went to war with Qing-icon Qing Chinaball and defeated him the following year, taking his Formosan (Japanese Taiwan-icon Taiwanball) clay as punishment. In 1904, he warred with Russian-Empire-icon Russiaball, and won, taking half of his Sakhalin clay. He developed an interest in extreme bondage and subjugation of it's (unwilling) sex slaves partners, Japanese Korea-iconKoreaball and Japanese Taiwan-icon Taiwanball, the former was raped in 1910.

When the Great War broke out in 1914, Japanball fought with UK-icon Britainball and France-icon Franceball as part of the Allies, capturing German Empire-icon Germanyball's Chinese possession Tsingtao, and was granted a place in the League of Nations afterwards. But in the 1930s, Japanball developed an interest in kidnapping and raping Taiwan-icon Chinaball, which he did in 1937 before his new ally Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball attacked and raped France-icon Franceball. Oh and, even as neonazi, Japan can into kawaii. He also kidnapped Second Philippine Republic-icon Philippinesball, British Singapore-icon Triangapore, British Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball, French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball and Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball, but they were rescued by USA-icon USAball, who also bombed him in his tentacles Hiroshima-icon Hiroshima and Nagasaki-icon Nagasaki parts.


But USA-icon USAball made it up to him by offering free psychotherapy sessions, aka the Marshal Plan, teaching him how to control his homogay lust for his former slaves, and is now one of his best friends and trading partners.

Japanball later achieved rapid growth to become the second-largest economy in the world, until surpassed by China-icon Chinaball in 2010. Japanball make anything but is very good at cars, high speed bullet trains and electronics but Chinaball WILL OVERTAKE ITS SLOOOOOW TECH GROWTH.And who knows ,in 2030,China and Russia invade him together and split him up like a tasty cake :-)

Japanball invent amazing tv shows like Takichi's castle and Ninja Warrior, no one ever win! On March 11 , 2011 an earthquake and tsunami destroyed a huge chunk of Japan's clay. It also caused a nuclear meltdown poisoning another huge chunk of japan's clay.

On April 14, 2016 MULTIPLE earthquakes struck the island of Kyushu. This caused the earthquake to transfer from Japan and Ecuador 3 days later, so now Ecuador-iconEcuadorball blames Japanball for damaging his country. Now the earthquake might trigger another one at the US west coast,but USA-icon USAball was glad that nothing happened after that. He is the creator of famous meme Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (Pikotaro for life!)


Like any other countryballs that don't natively speak English, Japanball speaks his own dialect of broken English and Yuo needings to watch Anime if yuo wantings to understand wat cums of next:

  • Swapping: "R"'s and "L'"s: Japan's speech usually has "R"s and "L"s swapped to make fun at how Japanese usually speak. E.g. "Ball" may be spelled as "Barr" (in romaji "ball" is "boru"). "Hello", spelled as "Herro", and "Sorry" as "Soly" etc.
  • Anime: The best thing ever invented by Nihon boru.
  • Hentai: Pornographic anime which is used to emphasize Japanball's perverseness.
  • Kawaii: Usually refers to the adorableness of. In Japanese it means "cute".
  • Kakkoii: Usually refers to the coolness of. In Japanese it means "handsome".
  • Senpai: Usually refers to someone who is interested in someone else. Senpai also means a person of higher position. Technically the English equivalent is "Sir". It is often followed by a wish for this "Senpai" to notice him. In the Facebook Polandball community, the phrase "Senpai noticed me" is often used for reference to POLANDBALL replying to a fan.
  • Desu: Used to end a sentence. English translation is "This is". Also Latvian for sausage.
  • Nani?: English translation is "What?".
  • Sensei: Usually refers to someone who is teaching Japanball something because it is the Japanese word for "teacher", however, specialists such as doctor or artist (including manga artist) could also be called "Sensei".
  • Tomodachi: Japanese word for friends. (While talking about one friend, use the word Yujin)
  • Shi-ne: Die! (She-né)
  • Baka!: Roughly translates to idiot. Often used by Tsundere characters.



Neutrar Edit

  • Russia-icon Russiaball - 千島列島は俺の正当な領土! Rikes ord japan car. And I rike Roritas. Doesn't wants to give  Chishimaball back, but he's stirr a good guy.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Best basebarr friends! Kawaii just rike me! Herp each other in disasters! Kinda hates me for reign of terror, BUT THAT IS OF RIE!!! WHY YUO WITH CHŪGOKU?! (btw I dont recognize this guy as a country. I can't. soly my friend.)
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Hates me for some reason, yuor rittre puny fan can do nothing! Rororororororo. Gib k pop and Samsung phone or memory. (Don't terr anyone that I am actuarry afraid of South Koreaball's Pikachu transformation rise). I don't know why he teamed up with me. We are stirr the tlio arries with USAball. But Takeshima is mine!!
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball - Is of kebab but rikes, good I made car and gives oir.


  • China-icon Chinaball and North Korea-icon North Koreaball - お前は愚かな独裁国家だ!我々はナショナリズムをぶっ潰す!俺たちは共産主義を消す!インターネット上の我々のアニメをどうしようとも無駄な検閲だ!俺は満州を再び建国しようとしている!そして、蒙古聯合自治政府は貴様を殺す! Comfort women (or Ord Kawaii as some peopre would like to carr them) and genocide is of rie! Gib minerars!
  • Australia-icon Austrariaball - Yuor rittre "anti-wharing environmentarists (Sea shepherd) of rearry getting annoyings! I will remove them!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - THEY KIRR MY 2 JOURNARİSTS!!!!!!! REMOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball - BAKAA!!! YOU STORE WATASHI'S ORD EMPILE!!! Arexandel the Gleat is GLEEK!! You ale BURGALIAN!!

Quotes Edit

  • "desu desu"
  • "Sugoi!"
  • "Nani?"
  • "Tentacle pornu is bestu."
  • "OPPAI !!!"
  • "Gomen nasai."
  • "Recraim Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!"
  • "Senpai?" -To all Western nations (except Poland)
  • "Ba-Baka me!!!!"
  • "Daisuki!"
  • 「朕茲ニ戦ヲ宣ス」 - declaring war against USA(in 1941), or against communism China and both Korea who keep insulting sacred Imperial Family of Japan(after 201X).



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