America refuels in Jamaica

Jamaicaball is a countryball in the Caribbeans. Despite marijuana being illegal in Jamaicaball, it is commonly sold and decriminalized in most cities. Even though cricket being the most popular sport, and there being no snow, Jamaicaball can into bobsledding. Even though it can often be laid back, crime is pretty common.

He hates being mistaken for Scotlandball. (even though he some times mistakes even himself for Scotland when he's stoned)

You can bribe him for literally any drug, im sure the netherlands can get a few favours from him ;D

He is also the fastest countryball, as his Bolt powers can charge him up to speeds that can only be described as "Sonic the Hedgehog fest."

History Edit

Jamaicaball is the child of 8ball and UKball.

Nowadays, Jamaicaball is an independent drugged country since 1962.

How to draw Edit

Draw Jamaicaball is a bit difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of green
  2. Draw a yellow X cross
  3. Color the left and the right quarter of black
  4. Draw drugged eyes and you've finished.

You can draw him with any kind of drugs.

Friends Edit

Gallery Edit

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