Ape kabar!
— Jakartaball

Jakartaball is the capital and the largest city of Indonesiaball. His short name is Jakartaball, his long name is Bola Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta (Special Capital Region of Jakartaball). Although a bit smaller than Tringapore (Literally), he cannot into clean city, good governance he had a good governor, but now he's in jail, and not many city budget problems.

He was known by many names throught his history such as Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, and Batavia.


Jakartaball was born as a settlement of Kingdom of Portugalball in XVI century. After that, he was adopted by United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball, Dutch East Indiesball and Indonesiaball.

How to draw

Draw Jakartaball isn't very difficult:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Jakarta in the centre
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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