Islam-icon Islamball, is a monotheistic Religionball who believes in God (Allah in Arabic) a unique god with no father and no son. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last prophet of Islam, older ones include Jesus(Prophet Isa), John, Zechariah, Jonah, Elisha, Elijah, Solomon, David, Ezekiel, Aaron, Moses, Jethro, Job, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Ismael, Lot, Abraham, Saleh, Eber, Noah, Enoch and Adam (peace be upon them all).

Islamball spread through trade like in Indonesiaball where Muslim traders came in and since they didn't charge interest on goods and missionary , the people converted to Islam.

Islam-icon Islamball is the second most practiced religion, after Christian-icon Christianityball, which it is estimated that it will overtake by 2050, in the Earth-icon world, due to higher Birth Rates than other religious groups.It occupied early Christian areas in the Middle East and north Africa, and then fight against Christian-icon Christianityball during the crusades for the liberation of the Christian-icon Christian countries. His sons are Sunni-icon Sunniball, Shia-icon Shiaball and Ibadi-icon Ibadiball.

Nearly 20% of the world is Islam-icon Muslim, but contrary to popular belief, 75% of Islam-icon Muslims are not from Middle East region, where Islam-icon Islamball started to flourish.



  • Hinduism-icon Hinduismball - Nice guy. Sometimes rivals because of India-icon India's and Pakistan-icon Pakistan's conflicts and wars.
  • Christian-icon Christianityball(For The Most Part) - Rival brother. I love him because, he still recognize Allah and Jesus.BUT STOP RECOGNIZING JESUS AS A GOD! JESUS IS A PROPHET MESSENGER OF GOD!! NOT GOD!!!
  • Israel-icon Judaismcube(Mostly) - My father. I love him becausehe hate pork (Kosher law) and he doesnt recognize the crucification of the prophet Jesus. BUT PLEASE STOP INVADING PALESTINE!
  • Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball - Thanks for spreading me in Europe. Because you helped Albania become kebab? If so ok then.
  • Buddhism-icon Buddhismball - He is one of the most peaceful people I know. But one of his countries wants to remove me.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - also important as you hold the Gold Dome but you and Israel should make peace.


  • Satan-icon Satanball - AAARGH!!! Worst enemy!!! You must be removed Iblis!!!!
  • Wicca-icon Wiccaball - INFIDEL! Another Iblis worshipper.
  • Islamophobia-icon Islamophobicballs - Wants to remove me. But I won't remove them, because Rasulullah SAW taught me to be peace to other human. Even to non Muslimball.



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