Ireland-icon Irelandball (Irish: Éire), unofficially the Republic of Irelandball, is another youtuber's birthplace/ancestor's birthplace countryball that takes up most of the Isle of Ireland in western Europe. He is bordered by UK-icon UKball with Northern Ireland-icon Northern Irelandball to the North and Northeast, the Celtic Sea to the South, the Atlantic to the West, and is located just off the coast of UKball to the East. The country is divided into 4 provinces, including his capital Dublin-icon Dublinball located in the Leinster-icon Leinsterball province, giving him a total area of 27,133 square miles, making him the 118th largest country in the world. As of 2016, he maintains a population of about 4.773 million inhabitants (Fun fact: There are more Irish in USA-icon USAball than there are in Ireland).

He maintains membership in EU-icon EUball, as well as the UN-icon UNball like almost every other country in the world.

Ireland is the only Gaul-icon Celtic country that is independent, whereas all the rest are anschlussed by Germania-icon Germanics. His relationship with UKball is tough. He is still mad at him for not helping him during his famine but very much relies on him with trade. The two are part of the British - Irish Council, showing that they still have some friendship. He doesn't say that coming back some day is competently off the table but UKball would probably have to apologise before it could ever be taken seriously.

His national day is 6 December.


Irelandball was Gaul-icon Celtball's son, and while his brother Wales-icon Walesball was conquered by SPQR-icon SPQRball, he remained independent.

Then after England-icon Englandball was invaded by Frankball's son, Normandy-icon Normandyball, Englandball invaded Ireland, and stayed there for almost 800 years.

In 1603, England-icon England forced Irelandball to become a Protestant bastard (see above), and raped him in 1649. Then in 1688-1692, England-icon Englandball fought a war against Catholic Irelandball, resulting in Ireland becoming mostly Protestant but over the years Irelandball regained it's Catholic-icon Catholic way, currently becoming mostly Catholic-icon Catholic.

In 1798, Irelandball rebelled against UK-icon Britainball, resulting in his son, Ulster-icon Ulsterball, being taken away by the new UK-icon UKball in 1801. Then in 1845, Ireland lost his 🥔 potato. then again in 1847, and 1851. This led to thoughts of independence from UK-icon UKball, but this was not shared by Ulster-icon Ulsterball, who decided to remain as part of UK-icon UKball in 1912.

In 1916, while UKball was busy fighting German Empire-icon German Empireball, Ireland started fighting him for independence. Eventually, in 1921, Ireland can into independence, but part of Ulster stayed with UK-icon UKball to become EU-icon Northern Irelandball. Ireland remained neutral in WWII, and joined the EU with UK-icon UKball in 1973. In 2016 he became richer than UK-icon UKball in GDP per capita. He still wants more 🥔 potatoes though.

He's also won Eurovision more than anyone else - a record seven times (though Sweden-icon Swedenball is catching up to him)!

Flag Colours

Main Colours

Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
Shamrock Green 22, 155, 98 C86-M0-Y37-K39 #169B62
White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
Mango Tango 255, 136, 62 C0-M47-Y76-K0 #FF883E



  • Latvia-icon Latviaball - ME 🥔 POTATER SISTER!
  • USA-icon USAball - There are a lot of Irish immigrants in USAball. USAball sometimes claims to be 1/10 Irish, which annoys me. We really like each other, even when other countries don't like him. However, Irelandball dislikes American tourists. It's special.
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Son who lives in th' South Pacific, About 1/3 of Australian population is significant of Irish descent. Also enjoys love of 🥔 potatoes but mostly makes hot chips with 'em. 
  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - Best friend. They hate UKball (especially England-icon Englandball)... T'ey also have significant Irish heritage.
  • Northern Ireland-icon Northern Irelandball - My twin, we were once one but now dis {{I|UK} shiteball is hoggin' ye. GET. OFF. THE FENCE. AND STOP WITH NORN IRON FLEG! 26+6=1!!!!
  • Poland-icon Polandball - Happy 100th birthday to you, me best Slavic friend! Also likes 🥔 potatoes and loves gettin' drunk. There are also many Poles in me clay.
  • UK-icon UKball - Well I honour ye 100th armistice, we did sort of fight together in t'e first world war but DONT LEAVE BREXIT PLEASE! I WILL BE ALONE WITHOUT ME!
  • San Marino-icon San Marinoball: Also has a crap neighbour: Italyball (Please don't kill me Italyball).
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - A lot of Irish immigrants there and he gave us 🥔 potatoes.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - Me alcoholic, 🥔 potato eating Catholic friend.
  • Peru-icon Peruball - The mythical, glorious clay from which 🥔 potatoes originated. I don't have much of a relationship with Peruball, but love 'em for t'at.
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - I call him me relative but he always says I'm not his relative.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Close friends bonded by religion and history. I sent many o' me Catholic priests in her clay; as well as George Lewis Shaw to help her inpedendence from Japanese-Empire Empire of Japanball.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - I empathize with ye, bein" divided unfairly for stupid religious reasons.
  •  Wisconsin-icon Wisconsinball - He jumps around!


  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - Never forget how ye beat me with 5-1 which cause me t' miss World Cup 2018. I'm happy Croatia-icon Croatia beats you Danskjävel. FUCK YE! ERIKSEN SHOULDN'T SHOW HIS FACE IN DUBLIN AGAIN! YE LOSE IN WORLD CUP! Still kinda friends though...
  • Idaho-icon Idahoball - 🥔 Potato rival
  • Portugal-icon Italy-icon Greece-icon Spain-icon The PIGS - Shite nations I apparently once hung out with, whatever I'm feckin' rich now!! But if they leave t'e Euroempire! EU-icon (master) I'll be sure to mock 'em like UK-icon UK!





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