The Republic of Irelandball (or simply Irelandball) is a countryball that takes up most of the Isle of Ireland in western Europe.

He loves Beer (that is why he is mostly drunk), and full of leprechauns (real ones who where red) ...*hic*... You get the idea. Also has had potato. He HATES UK-icon UKball for not giving Northern Irelandball and Ivory Coast-icon Ivory Coastball for stealing it's flag. From June 9-11 1828, Ireland can into removing HUE in Rio. Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball is his relative. Has problems with the UKball saying God punished us for being catholic and irb was formed.


Irelandball was Celtball's son, and while his brother Walesball was conquered by SPQRball, he remained independent. Then after Englandball was invaded by Frankball's son, Normanball, Englandball invaded Ireland, and stayed there for almost 800 years.

In 1603, England forced Ireland to become a Protestant bastard (see above), and raped him in 1649. Then in 1688-1692, Englandball fought a war against Catholic Irelandball, resulting in Ireland becoming mostly Protestant but over the years Irelandball regained it's Catholic way, currently becoming mostly Catholic.

In 1798, Ireland rebelled against Britainball, resulting in his son, Ulsterball, being taken away by the new UKball in 1801. Then in 1845, Ireland lost his potato. then again in 1847, and 1851. This led to thoughts of independence from UKball, but this was not shared by Ulsterball, who decided to remain as part of UKball in 1912.

In 1916, while UKball was busy fighting Reichtangle, Ireland started fighting him for indepenence. Eventually, in 1921, Ireland can into independence, but part of Ulster stayed with UKball to become Northern Irelandball. Ireland remained neutral in WWII, and joined the EU with UKball in 1973. In 2016 he became richer than UKball in GDP per capita. He still wants more potatoes though.

He's also won Eurovision more than anyone else - a record seven times (though Swedenball is catching up to him)!


  • Latvia-icon Latviaball - MY POTATER SISTER!
  • USA-icon USAball - There are a lot of Irish immigrants in USAball. USAball sometimes claims to be 1/10 Irish, which annoys Irelandball. They really like each other, even when other countries don't like them. However, Irelandball dislikes american tourists.  It's special.
  • UK-icon UKball - UKball used to have Irelandball prisoner for many years, but that is not the least of his sins against the Emerald Isle. He would always complain about how much of a slob Irelandball is, while UK ball himself had so much more pollution. He used to steal all of Irelandball's potatoes, and forced him to be a Protestant slave, when he would much rather have been a Catholicball pig like he is today. GIV ME NORTHEN IRELAND! :'( YA FECKIN LANGER GIT OUT OF MY 'OUSE! ONE DAY THE TABLES WILL TURN AND YOU WILL BE MY SLAVE(WITH HELP FROM RUSSIA OF COURSE) MUHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Australia-icon Australiaball - Son who lives in the South Pacific, About 1/3 of Australian population is of Irish decent. Also enjoys love of potatoes but mostly makes hot chips with them.
  • Northern Ireland-icon Northern Irelandball - The last bit of Ireland that UK still has control over. GET OFF THE FENCE. AND STOP WITH NORN IRON FLEG>
  • Canada-icon Canadaball: A lot of Irish immigrant there and gave us potatoes.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball: My lovely alcoholic, potato eating catholic husband.
  • Peru-icon Peruball: The mythical, glorious clay from which potatoes originated. He doesn't have much of a relationship with Peruball, but loves them for that.
  • Portugal-icon Ireland-icon Italy-icon Greece-icon Spain-icon The rest of the PIIGS: shite nations I apparently once hung out with, whatever I'm feckin' rich now!! But if they leave the Euroempire! EU-icon(master) I'll be sure to mock them like UKBall
  • Ivory Coast-icon Ivory Coastball - Flag Stealer!
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - I call him my relative but he always says I'm not his relative.


UK, Ireland, France and Germany

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