Iraqball is a country in the Middle East whose west part is occupied by ISISball. And his north part is occupied by Kurdistanball. is son of Assyriaball and brother of Syriaball.


Came to be in 1958 after he he decided to become a "republic". He was actually single-party military junta. In,1979, he became Baath and was then a single party military dictatorship. He then declared war on Iranball in 1980 to "liberate" Khuzestanball. Becuase he couldn't pay debts to Kuwaitball he declared war on him in 1990 claiming that UKball stole Kuwaitball from him in colonial times and that Kuwaitball was stealing Iraqi oil. He failed becuase USAball led coalition stopped him from annexing Kuwaitball. Then in 2003 being invaded by USAball, with the intention of liberating . This ended up backfiring immensely. He pulled out in 2011, but ended up in even worse condition. He is now technically friends with USAball, but that doesn't matter much. Now having civil war that hasn't ended yet.

Nowdays, is a country of Middle East, 15% sieged by ISISball and also 15% seiged by Kurdistanball. Recently, ISISball in Western Mosul is on Offensive as his forces advances.

Friends Edit

Iran-icon Iranball - We are one of the only shia majority countries.

Syria-icon Syriaball - We are brothers and we are both failed states because of this Dirty Terorrist.

Murica-icon USAball - Thank you for helping me against ISIS, but never forget invasion! Really, America. Yuo of betrayings me by al-banning me?! Plox liftings ban. Am no do things wrong in yuor clay. Oh, yuo liftings it. Many thankings.

Enemies Edit

ISIS-icon ISISball - Get of my clay you terrorist

Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball - Your clay is mine

Israel-icon Israelcube - Free Palestine



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